1. what does the word “Esoteric” mean?

The origin of the word “Esoteric” is Greek, it means the hidden and private: “the teachings that are hard to grasp by those who are not intellectually illuminated” as mentioned in the Larousse Dictionary, and “the sciences of the elite” as mentioned by Britanica. As to the Arabs, they described it as “the science restricted to those who can understand it” As to our books, they unfold the secrets of these special sciences and present them in a simplified way which is within the reach of understanding by everyone.

2. What is the technique of the Esoteric Science?

It is the “Know your self” technique, through a scientific and practical way of life, whereby the person is both the experimenter and the ground of the experiment at the same time. It is the technique of transforming every information from theoretical to practical through experience. This process transforms information to knowledge and knowledge to consciousness.

3. What are the main important themes that the Esoteric Sciences deal with, especially those which I can practice daily?

The Esoteric books contain various subjects which can be applied and used in all the daily living and practical aspects. Here are some of them: The healthy nutrition of both body and self, the basics of conscious relationship between man and woman and the bases of proper raising of children, open mindedness, strengthening one’s memory and mental capacity, avoiding diseases, building a strong personality, side by side with attaining inner peace and tranquility… and so on and so forth…

4. How can we delve into the Esoteric science? Do you conduct public lectures and conferences which explain this science? And what is the tuition fee?

The “Society of friends of the White Knowledge” is the one who established the “Esoteric Center”, the first of its kind in Lebanon and the Arab world since 1988. The Esoteric Center offers regular public lectures and conferences on weekly and monthly bases, in most of the Lebanese regions and in some Arab countries. These lectures and conferences are Free of Charge and open to everyone. Their goal is to present the comprehensive knowledge of the human being, through practical application resulting to consciousness, to every seeker. For knowledge is the most precious, and priceless, treasure. It is important for those who wish to learn about our science to attend the lectures and conferences, various subjects of which tackle the Esoteric Science in a practical technique and a way of life, in the fields of self and thought, which benefit every person, whether a scientist, thinker, researcher, or knowledge seeker. These lectures and conferences help those who wish to join our center understand the Esoteric sciences and present ways to help them practically acquire knowledge. In spite of their rich and deep contents, the lectures and conferences are not sufficient without reading our books, for they cannot summarize the contents of our numerous books. All explain and deal with all issues relating to Man… and explain the hidden reasons behind diseases, especially heart and brain diseases and psychological complexes, and offer the types of nutrition that benefit the body and self at the same time; Presenting over and above the bases of children raising along with the pedestal of conscious love between the parents… Our books introduce man to the hidden world that lying in his innermost being… and present to him the avenue and lifestyle that help him realize it himself, especially in the series of books: “Know your Memory”, “Know your Thought”, “Know your Consciousness”, and “Know your Intelligence” through which the person becomes aware of how to work on sharpening his intellectual skills and strengthening his personality… as well as enhancing his day to day life activities.

5. Can you give an example on consciousness ?

Consciousness is the result of experience. If you received a full description of a certain fruit; about its shape, size, sweetness and special taste, can you realize its components as a result of this description only? Of course not. You will not become aware of what we say unless you see the fruit and taste it yourself. This example applies to anything in life, subject to your experience.

6. What is meant by Esoteric Bodies?

Man is deeper and broader than a physical body stimulated by mere chemical and biological reactions. Man is body and Soul and in between lie many components or invisible vehicles of consciousness that form the lower self and the higher Self. All are vibratory in nature and in perpetual movement like the Etheric field around the body (Aura). These Esoteric Bodies constitute, with the physical body, the seven dimensions of consciousness in one’s being, and these are as follows:

1-The Physical body: the practical application (sensation).

2-The Etheric body (aura): the nature of the physical (presence).

3-The Astral body: (feelings).

4-The Thought and Intelligence body: (mind).

5-The body of Love: (knowledge).

6-The Will body: (the will).

7-The Wisdom body: (the Soul).

Whereas the physical body is made of visible atoms, the Esoteric bodies remain unseen for they are composed of vibrations, precisely of vibratory undulations which can only be seen when the person unfolds his innermost dimensions, so he sees them by insight (clairvoyance). Simply, the Esoteric bodies are the vehicles of consciousness or its dimensions, through which the person realizes the outer and inner world, by means of their reaction and interaction in the physical body through the brain, hence the person can sense the facts, feel and think and become aware… thus the physical senses are sharpened.

7. How does the Esoteric Science build one’s personality ?

The Esoteric concept of Individual Personality is different from the traditional understanding of it, for the Esoteric Science relies on removing the negativities which act as dry weeds preventing the growth of one’s

8. What is the shortest Practical way for Self Realization?

It is the one that encompasses all the ways… it is the one which takes the adherent from his innermost being to include everything else at a later stage… and it is the one that considers practical application as its core process, so that the adherent becomes aware of the results.

9. Can you deliver your books to countries other than Lebanon?

The Esoteric books reach you wherever you are; you can check the airmailing details and payment methods by logging in to the above mentioned Links.

10. What are the requirements to become a student in your institute?

To become a student in the Esoteric Institute, first, you need to study the Esoteric publications available so far and listed in the page “Books List” , and regularly attend the public lectures (refer to the lectures schedule). Then, if you are convinced that this is the path you wish to undertake seriously to develop and evolve your life accordingly… and if you were sincere in your aspiration for this supreme knowledge, you can submit an application form… For knowledge is available for all aspirants.

11. Why do you give to your sciences the name of White Knowledge?

Just like the mixture of the main seven colors is the white, so is the Esoteric knowledge which contains all sciences within it.

12. Can I study the Esoteric Sciences by correspondence?

Our website is a step to get introduced to this science, followed by reading and studying the esoteric books, and attending the lectures and conferences whenever possible. If you need to explore more closely our science, you can mail us through our website so that we can take the proper decision.

13. Is there a specific prerequisite age for the enrollment in the Esoteric Sciences?

There is no specific age for those who are seeking supreme knowledge and yearning for deep consciousness. Any adult can join the Esoteric by pursuing our lectures which are scheduled on different dates in various regions in Lebanon, so that he can be closely introduced to our sciences.

14. Do the Esoteric publications include translations from other languages?

No, our publications are original, they do not include any translations or copying. The legal proof is that the qualification “All rights reserved” appears on all of them. Because their sources are of the inexhaustible wellsprings of supreme knowledge, which reveals itself to the aspirants. And that is why the Esoteric publications are being used today as references in educational graduate researches and as a source for numerous publications of various kinds. On the other hand, some of our publications are translated into foreign languages details of which are available in the “Publications” pages.

15. I practice Yoga regularly; does the Esoteric conflict with the principles of Yoga?

The Esoteric does not conflict with Yoga, because Yoga is just a leaf on the Esoteric tree… in other terms, Yoga is one among the numerous branches of knowledge encompassed by the Esoteric.

16. Is there any difference between love and humane Love?

“love” is a human bond that starts between two partners, and expands as humane “Love” to children, extending towards the circle of society and everyone. While the humane “Love”, in its absolute concept, is an existential connection that weaves its luminous strings between the creature (man) and the Creator. In page 16 of our book “Know Love!” it is said: “The word Love (in Arabic محبة) embraces the word love (حب) within its folds, like the mother embraces her child, implying that eventually, the goal of love is to attain Love”.

17. Is it possible to achieve everlasting happiness through applying the Esoteric knowledge and teachings?

The Esoteric science confirms that happiness is not a physical aim sought by man. Because happiness is the feeling one gets in every step made towards a target that he had set for himself and laid a practical plan to achieve it. This is emphasized in the Esoteric book “A Man’s return to Earth to Convey a Message” page 65. “The Esoteric sciences are distinguished by being practical sciences that help the individual set successive goals during his progress on the path of consciousness, and hence the aspirant lives in incomparable happiness while heading towards his goals.

18. The Esoteric says that individual freedom is a sacred right which must not be violated, but is everyone who enjoys this freedom a conscious man?

The Esoteric sciences thoroughly explain the concept of freedom in its book entitled “Lectures on the Esoterique – Part III” especially in page 34. For freedom is a sacred right for every human being, however the extent of that freedom ever depends on his level of consciousness. Because freedom and consciousness are coupled, inseparable, and both unachievable without responsibility. As much as the consciousness expands, the circle of freedom follows.

19. Why is the Esoteric path considered as the shortest path towards self-knowledge and self-realization?

The Esoteric path is a practical, applicable and pragmatic path which accepts no theorization or philosophy as a methodology. Because on that path, one is at the same time the experimenter and the tools of the experiment. Our book “A Dialogue with the Wise Masters on the Esoterique” on page 54 clarifies saying: “The Esoteric path is the shortest path which unifies all paths… for it takes the adherent from his very depths to encompassing everything else later on.”

20. How can one assess his level of consciousness and perceive this consciousness within his self?

Being sincere with the self, admitting its negativities, and working on eliminating them is the best way for the development of consciousness therein. Because such a way is a personal experiment related to each individual, noting that the level of consciousness cannot be determined except by consciousness itself. Knowing that consciousness is not measured by what we are conscious of, so far, but by what we have not become conscious of yet. However, one’s consciousness can be still compared to those who are more conscious and have a deeper experience. It is worth noting that our book “Know your Consciousness” thoroughly detailed the prerequisites of consciousness in page 70, and presented in pages 115 and 116 a set of questions to assess and straighten the level of self consciousness.

21. What is the root cause of diseases in man?

The Esoteric science confirms that all kinds of diseases, no matter how they affect the body, are initiated in the self before manifesting in the physical body!
Diseases are of two types: A physical or organic type with apparent causes, and another inner type with hidden causes. The first type includes the simple illnesses like flue, or headaches caused by nerves tension or stress of work, as well as digestive system disorders due to unbalanced eating habits. The second type of diseases includes those resulting from psychological inner reasons… Those diseases are caused by the existence of negative habits latent within the patient’s self… they might be negative thoughts like thinking of hurting others, or like fear and anxiety, or negative feelings such as hatred, detestation and the absence of the factor of Love in dealing with others, etc…
For further details about the types of diseases, their causes, and how to avoid them and treat them, you can refer to our following books: “Lectures on the Esoterique – Part II”, “Know your heart”, “A Journey into the Unknown Intricacies of the Human Brain”, and “Unveiling the Secrets of Symbols Forming the human Body and its Organs”.

22. What is the cause of inconveniences in man’s life?

The order of life is fair and just; it is based on the law of cause and effect – law of action and reaction – law of karma. The inconveniences in a man’s life may originate from causes that are usually hidden such as being far from understanding his aim in life, and his apathy towards working on improving his self exoterically and esoterically, his denial of the existence of rooted negativities within his self, etc… For instance, all kinds of fanaticism, nervousness, close-mindedness, obstinacy, stubbornness are negative qualities that are important to acknowledge when they exist and work to eliminate them. And failing to do so, a lot of obstacles might emerge in one’s way to make him aware of these negativities to work on replacing them with positive qualities.

23. What are the foundations on which marital life should be based, from the Esoteric sciences perspective?

The Esoteric sciences thoroughly dwell on presenting foundations for building the conscious marital life in its two books “The Concept of the Esoterique on Woman and Man” and “Know love!”. Among the important principles in leading such a pleasant and happy life, we mention for example and without limitation: equality, sharing, understanding and containing the partner, etc…

24. What is the concept of love in the norm of the Esoteric?

As the Esoteric envisions it, love is totally different from the traditional understanding. For love is a humane partnership based on equality and consciousness in its dimensional core and meaning. It is containment based on transparent communication, like warm frankness between the couple in taking one another’s hand towards a unified goal… from the Esoteric perspective, a man lacking effectual love is lacking everything that is human in his life. For more information on what the conscious love means, its principles, and how to achieve it, please review our two books “The Concept of the Esoterique on Woman and Man” and “Know love!”.

25. What is the difference between destiny and fate?

Destiny is the divine way imposed on mankind by the divine will. And man cannot choose his destiny or change it nor can he go out of its track for it is the irreplaceable will of God. As for fate, it is the inevitable result of the causes and factors created by man himself. The Esoteric puts an end to the controversy of whether or not man is the master of his fate by its famous clause: “Man is free to choose within the limits of his knowledge. This is his fate. But when he is lead beyond his choice outside such limits – is his destiny” Our book “Lectures on the Esoterique – Part II” discusses in depth the difference between fate and destiny, presenting practical life examples.

26. What is the Esoteric opinion about interpreting dreams?

The Esoteric tells us that the dream is a message specific to the person who had it, i.e. interpreting a dream is only possible and relevant to the dreamer. A dream can also be more important than a personal message to the dreamer, when it is a revelation of the unknown… Details about the truth of dreams, their types, their symbols, how they affect man’s life, what nightmares are and their causes, and other subjects related to the world of dreams can be found in our book “Dreams and Visions…

27. How does the Esoteric define “inner peace” and how can it be acquired?

Inner peace is the satisfaction of the human Self on the mundane self. It can be acquired by a retreat of the self in silence, away from noise and blare, usually before going to bed, and in being in the open space of nature… until man gradually learns how to acquire it while among people.

28. What is the concept of Love and giving from the Esoteric perspective?

Giving is the embodiment of Love. So if Love is the secret to the development of consciousness and the basis of awakening the wisdom in the Self, giving is the secret of nourishing that wisdom. That is not by giving money, for it is the cheapest kind of giving. What is meant by giving is that man should give out of himself, of his compassion, his joy, his knowledge, his consciousness, etc…
For the true giving is in applying practical Love as open-mindedness on others, i.e. the openness on all that we don’t like about others and about life in general.