The Initiate of the Aquarian Age (Arabic Edition)

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-68-1

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“The Initiate of the Aquarian Age” is the fourth esoteric publication in English, in addition to forty six books in Arabic and one in French, and another in Spanish and Bulgarian, so far… all written by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM) and published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut. This futuristic masterpiece expands in 112 pages of concentrated instructive speeches and illuminating teachings, revealing the inner truths of the Aquarian Age and its Initiates, together with the prerequisites for effective advancement in self-development towards self-realization.

The Aquarian Age is the forthcoming epoch of humanity along the evolutionary road of development – following the present age of Pisces, which started with the coming of Christ. Preparation for the coming of this Golden Age has been popularized in clichés and various stereotypes, randomly coining many subjects related to the real man, free thought or mysticism as “New Age” prerequisites for development within… thus time has come to put an end to the confusion and expose at large in this exceptional book the higher realities of the esoteric science as tools for application, which in the past, have been restricted to the confirmed esoteric students, as sciences of the elite.

“The Initiate of the Aquarian Age” explains in brief form how the Initiates are now teaching the sciences of the future, those of the esoteric, in private circles, after which they will establish public institutions for the teachings of the invisible aspects in man as delineated in the esoteric sciences, including the tenets of the sacred truth and the Universal Laws governing the life of man as the axis of all. Afterwards, they will appear openly amongst the general public for the promulgation and demonstration of proven realities… confirming at large that the Initiates are the scientists of the future par excellence.
At once, compact and representative of its ideal, this book brings unprecedented accessibility to the traits of the ideal man – the Initiate – as the axis of the Aquarian Age. Though intended for the elect, and the confirmed aspirants, the book will prove of absorbing interest to various seekers on the inner path of development who seek to improve their lives in advanced ways of self-progression. However, for those engaged on a mystic or spiritual adventure with some group or guide, “The Initiate of the Aquarian Age” will speak to them loudly, helping them develop a spiritual discernment and reevaluate the authenticity and efficacy of the path and guides they follow.

It is worthwhile to mention in this respect that “The Initiate of the Aquarian Age” addresses Meditation… as a tool for the Initiate-to-be to tune to the higher levels for the receipt of subtle vibrations, and the taking in of Prana, to nourish both his subtle sheaths of consciousness and body, that may unfold and awaken the various levels of consciousness and their relative vehicles or subtle components. It also sheds light on Mantras, another essential tool which varies in accordance with the level and purpose of meditation being practised. The correct intonation of a Mantra helps the Initiate in attuning with the higher planes and illuminated beings in the divine sphere, which propels him towards achieving his mission. All this complements the detailed methodologies provided in the precedent book “MEDITATION and CONTEMPLATION” by the same author.
The book elucidates that “the Aquarian Age will prepare the aspirant quicken his unfoldment and development, since the evolution of the mind, in esoteric affairs, is fully connected with the evolution of the self”, stressing again that “self-reliance is mandatory, and self-confidence is imperative, and self-knowledge is one’s provision”. In line with his other publications, Majdalani directs again the seekers to the fact that inner change at the level of the individual is the (magical) way to bring about the true social and global change around him. And, by dissolving the negative elements latent within the psyche and attuning with the inner virtues of “The Initiate of the Aquarian Age”, the seekers shall be consciously working towards creating an “Aquarian Age” within themselves, and thus realizing the future in the conscious “now”.

Neither pedantic nor religious, “The Initiate of the Aquarian Age”, preaches not, and far from show-off… it just depicts a complete (inner and outer) way of life that became necessary with the advent of the Aquarian Age. It delivers to humanity a compelling insight into much that is unknown today, revealing at large the inner meanings of the mission of the New Age, and illustrating the architecture of the “Pyramids of Development”… which are not meant for the fanatics and traditionalists, but for the sole purpose of helping prepare the seekers for a wider understanding of the past and future, together with the role of life or mission they may undertake.

The book is charged with needed facts guiding the seekers and initiates-to-be, while the attainment remains the seeker’s own task, on the path of self-reliance, self-confidence and self-development… It emphasizes that “the more we open our minds and practise right thoughts, the higher we elevate and expand our consciousness. This affirms that mind is consciousness in experimentation, and that the unfoldment of mind consequently leads to the development of consciousness.”

“The Initiate of the Aquarian Age” is dedicated by the author to the Initiate-to-be for the coming Age of Initiation. While previous esoteric publications delineated the road of self-development, this book is about the road to mastership (the hidden tenets of ‘Raja Yoga’ in practice). It is foundational for those who would not only realise their true potential, but seek to fulfil it to its greatest extent.

At this stage, one may wonder if the far reaching messages of this book would have had this same enlightening impact, had the author not applied them in his own life and daily esoteric teachings… For only those who have consistently applied the qualities of the Initiate during their lifetimes are able to attune with the heart strings of humanity.

While higher esoteric revelations continue to be transmitted by word of mouth to the worthy only, may the readers attune their understanding with the heart throbs of “The Initiate of the Aquarian Age”, and meditate on the unspoken words concealed between the lines, to be at one with the Great Masters of wisdom, ever striving to elevate humanity as their one and only mission on Earth.

Last but not least, “The Initiate of the Aquarian Age” is a man of action, not of reaction.

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