The Book of Man – 7th Edition

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN: 978-9953-405-50-6

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Within the Esoteric Arabic series of books, came out the seventh Arabic edition of “The Book of Man” publication of which has first appeared more than a quarter of a century ago… It is now issued in a revised new garb including additions. The book comprises talks and dialogues by a group of wise Masters, prepared and compiled by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM).

“The Book of Man” contains within its folds 208 pages of medium size, published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut, noting that the number of Esoteric publications in the various humane, scientific, and practical fields of life have reached, to date, forty nine books in the Arabic and English languages…and are considered among the largest Arabic homogeneous series in dealing with the subject of the human being, in his invisible aspects more than in his visible ones.

The notable exposition in this exceptional book of knowledge and practical daily life affairs is not merely its pearls of knowledge and eloquent parlance, but also the compilation of 159 subjects in 200 pages… tackling information which seems lacking from the Arabic literature. For it presents, and for the first time, the encyclopedia of Esoteric knowledge in a nutshell… in an eloquent conciseness which reflects the well-versed eruditeness of the wise Masters in the knowledge of man inside out… and in all that elevates the human life esoterically and exoterically. For the importance of the Esoteric Sciences in its daily life aspect lies in implementation… to harvest the fruits of consciousness. What adds also to the importance of this 7th edition is its revised elegant form and newly added contents in diction unsurpassed.

It is worth reiterating that a large number of Arabic radio and TV stations used to begin their morning programs by excerpts from “The Book of Man” which is still considered unique in its contents and diction.

The subjects of “The Book of Man” are a distinguished landmark in the history of the esoteric literature, the human literature, the literature of the Esoteric Sciences. And perhaps the most appealing saying about it “… is an immortal tome or an enjoyable journey taking you far delving into the spaciousness of knowledge which transcends the mundane to the Humane”.

The topics of “The Book of Man” are classified under four parts, including packs of Esoteric information poured into luminous expressions which interest the reader in his private and public life affairs… its subjects dive deep into the layers of consciousness and life, delineating how to acquire the power of mind, how to wage a strife for truth and wisdom… the subjects also shed light on pain, Love, peace and worship, as well as on the inner realms and abilities, also on the soul and perfection… so that, every subject is followed by a meditative pause on its gist, or an invocation, or tender monologues alike passionate prayers… all are rhetorically expressed in the text. And here we leave it to the reader to taste the uniqueness of this book.

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