Day Seven

Marwan Abi Aad

ISBN 978-9953-405-49-0

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Day Seven is the title of the fourth publication within the Arabic chain of books written by the Students of Consciousness, the Sciences of the Inner Man – the Esoteric. The book is written in Arabic by Marwan Abi Aad in 80 pages of medium size, and published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut.
Fresh Esoteric sprouts blossom and spread their fragrance in books with fluent topics that are structurally coordinated and deeply significant.
‘DAY 7’ is an unprecedented Esoteric story which recounts how an aspirant introduced himself in earlier times to the Esoteric Sciences – the sciences of the Elites, the sciences which were private at the time. The story explains essential details about the principles that every participant shall commit thereto and tread the path in accordance therewith, to become eligible to enter the world of great knowledge in practice – the world of the Esoteric.

  The importance of ‘DAY 7’ lies in the sincerity and fluidity of the expression, adorned by supreme thought. It begins with the author’s self description of his unwell state of the self, and the method of treatment, arriving at a great truth which he discovered gradually with the Master, and which led to a positive and radical change in his life.
What attracts the attention most in ‘DAY 7’ are the futuristic and pioneering aspects of the Esoteric Sciences. For the truth alone is fixed and unchanging, and so are the sciences of true knowledge.
For the Master’s words in the book: “Have you noticed how Life gives the children more opportunities than what it gives to the fathers?” How it explains the spread of the Esoteric Sciences in our current time through the many publications to date, and which aim is to simplify these supreme sciences and bring them closer to the public and to every researcher and those in need.
‘DAY 7’ is a new story of openness and experimentation, verification and commitment, faithfulness and loyalty, giving and taking… then giving back so that the cycle of life is completed. This is summarized by the author describing the Master’s giving when he declares: “The Master’s yearning to give equals the longing of others to take”.
It is a life story which presents the best way to learn through comparison, and through trial and verification, within the freedom of choice correlated to the love of giving “for in as much as you give, it shall be bestowed upon you”.
Last but not least, the ‘DAY 7’ is a methodology of life, containing within its folds lessons in open mindedness, the essential pillar in man’s development through the ages. It also helps each researcher to reveal the causes of his life’s difficulties and to find solutions for those problems within his self. This story also guides the reader to the importance of writing as an expression of the inner constituents in his being.
Notwithstanding the enfolded suspense, ‘DAY 7’ far-sighted implications invite the reader to be truthful with his self, baring his self in front of himself to discover its weaknesses, thus he works on strengthening them, to be liberated from the shackles of the negative impact upon himself.
This interesting story presents the requirements of self-mastery, on condition that the person must be strict and truthful with himself. The author describes eloquently the Master’s instructions: “your truthfulness with yourself led you to what you have become today… but there is a vast difference of being truthful with oneself and being truthful with others. For with others, you shall be wise”.
All that is just a drop in the ocean of the knowledge of the Esoteric Sciences, where simplification is its method, assistance its obligation, and development of man its aim…

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