Of the Esoteric Harvest

By a group of Students of the Esoteric Sciences

ISBN 978-9953-405-51-3


This is the title of the fifth publication within the Arabic series of books written by the Students of the Esoteric Sciences – the Sciences of the Inner Man. It comprises 128 medium sized pages and is published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge in Beirut.

Twelve writers of both sexes with diverse scientific and professional backgrounds have joined efforts in an exceptional partnership, rarely seen in works of literature, to impart the harvest of their esoteric experiences and knowledge in this avant-garde book.

In spite of the differences in their occupations and the diversity in their educational and social backgrounds, this co-authored book brought them together in a synergy, around the focal esoteric principle of the evolution of consciousness based on practical knowledge, which together they partook in reaping the fruits of their experiences in life, in the light of a new Esoteric understanding.

“OF The Esoteric Harvest” is a pellucid compilation of unique collective experiences which delve in the depths, expressing gratitude to the knowledge that overwhelmed the authors with the blissful meanings of “giving” in all areas of life, encompassing livelihood, humaneness and knowledge. This led them to share with the readers the gist of their experiences, since the presentation of knowledge through the art of writing is, par excellence, one of the effective phases of giving, complementing the process of the acquisition of knowledge and its practical application.

The book is comprised of twelve lectures addressing various and different subjects throughout daily life… all based on the central principle of the sciences of the humane aspect in man – the Esoteric Science. Noting that some parts of these lectures have been discussed by the authors with the audience, or relayed on local radio stations, or watched on television, or even published in magazines and newspapers.With each lecture, the reader soars in the insightful spheres of knowledge and delves into the depths of the human self, exploring the niceties of its intricacies in order to fathom solutions and methods that help him raise the performance and quality levels in workaday matters.

An exceptional quality which distinguishes “OF The Esoteric Harvest” is the practical method presented therein, to achieve the purpose of man’s existence on Earth – the evolution of consciousness. The Esoteric Science confirms that consciousness is an act of decision making… a decision to develop the positivity in the self at the expense of the negativity. For instance, removing deep-seated negativities from the self such as anger, fanaticism, nervosity, indifference, stagnation, or close-mindedness… all based upon applying techniques of knowledge offered by the Esoteric Sciences and addressed in details in the diverse lectures of this book.

Moreover, “OF The Esoteric Harvest” stipulates that consciousness is also an act of will which overcomes obstacles and is the application of a sustained innovation… Accordingly, the book sheds light on the reality of pain, the cause of which is rooted in the individual’s reluctance to treat the deficiencies and negative qualities in the self, without overlooking the importance of continuous innovation in life. It also presents practical means to alleviate pain and elevate it to the height of the ambition of consciousness through the activation of creativity and personal initiative, including the treatment of the weak points in the personality, as well as the polishing of the Ego with moral qualities.

The book spotlights an essential prerequisite for effective evolution in consciousness – the need to achieve balance and harmony within the body, especially in the emotions and the intellect. This is achieved through allowing rightful share in life for each of these three dimensions, avoiding misappropriation and drifts in the desires of the self. Accordingly, such study and awareness of the inner interactions in the human self requires a sharp intellect propelled by sound unbiased logic.

The Esoteric Science is nonpareil in reverting always to the root of all things, which explains its appellation as the “Science of Origins”. No wonder that “OF THE ESOTERIC HARVEST” returns to the origin of writing, to reveal that the history of writing goes back as far as the fourth era in the evolution of man. The aim of writing lies in transforming the mind’s ability from a potential energy to an active ability through practice.

“OF The Esoteric Harvest” is a bouquet of educational practical insights which carry the reader in a pleasant journey through the gardens of self-knowledge, to behold sundry types of mental flowers, smell the fragrances of wisdom and feel the thorny pricks of laziness and procrastination… that he may eventually sense the actions of each deep within the self and being.

We leave it to the reader to link between all the lectures and elicit the gist of the morals. For the book, alike life, is a series of stages comprising several dualities (past-present, cause-effect, and beginning-end, etc. etc.) and thus comes the role of the intellect to relate them together to realize them, enabling successful evolution.