21. What is the root cause of diseases in man?

The Esoteric science confirms that all kinds of diseases, no matter how they affect the body, are initiated in the self before manifesting in the physical body!
Diseases are of two types: A physical or organic type with apparent causes, and another inner type with hidden causes. The first type includes the simple illnesses like flue, or headaches caused by nerves tension or stress of work, as well as digestive system disorders due to unbalanced eating habits. The second type of diseases includes those resulting from psychological inner reasons… Those diseases are caused by the existence of negative habits latent within the patient’s self… they might be negative thoughts like thinking of hurting others, or like fear and anxiety, or negative feelings such as hatred, detestation and the absence of the factor of Love in dealing with others, etc…
For further details about the types of diseases, their causes, and how to avoid them and treat them, you can refer to our following books: “Lectures on the Esoterique – Part II”, “Know your heart”, “A Journey into the Unknown Intricacies of the Human Brain”, and “Unveiling the Secrets of Symbols Forming the human Body and its Organs”.