4. How can we delve into the Esoteric science? Do you conduct public lectures and conferences which explain this science? And what is the tuition fee?

The “Society of friends of the White Knowledge” is the one who established the “Esoteric Center”, the first of its kind in Lebanon and the Arab world since 1988. The Esoteric Center offers regular public lectures and conferences on weekly and monthly bases, in most of the Lebanese regions and in some Arab countries. These lectures and conferences are Free of Charge and open to everyone. Their goal is to present the comprehensive knowledge of the human being, through practical application resulting to consciousness, to every seeker. For knowledge is the most precious, and priceless, treasure. It is important for those who wish to learn about our science to attend the lectures and conferences, various subjects of which tackle the Esoteric Science in a practical technique and a way of life, in the fields of self and thought, which benefit every person, whether a scientist, thinker, researcher, or knowledge seeker. These lectures and conferences help those who wish to join our center understand the Esoteric sciences and present ways to help them practically acquire knowledge. In spite of their rich and deep contents, the lectures and conferences are not sufficient without reading our books, for they cannot summarize the contents of our numerous books. All explain and deal with all issues relating to Man… and explain the hidden reasons behind diseases, especially heart and brain diseases and psychological complexes, and offer the types of nutrition that benefit the body and self at the same time; Presenting over and above the bases of children raising along with the pedestal of conscious love between the parents… Our books introduce man to the hidden world that lying in his innermost being… and present to him the avenue and lifestyle that help him realize it himself, especially in the series of books: “Know your Memory”, “Know your Thought”, “Know your Consciousness”, and “Know your Intelligence” through which the person becomes aware of how to work on sharpening his intellectual skills and strengthening his personality… as well as enhancing his day to day life activities.