Know your Consciousness

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-31-X

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This book asserts the proof that the Esoterique is the science of consciousness. It is an extensive study of the mechanisms of human consciousness, the way they function, the means of getting acquainted with them, and how to benefit from them. In the well-known eloquent but simple style of the Esoterique, and the depth of its knowledge; the author takes up the question of consciousness from its manifestation at the start. “The riddle of life extends over the period between the pain of birth and the suffering of death, the truth of which, Divine Wisdom concealed deep inside the Self, and to which consciousness is the key”.

Moreover, the book discusses the points of view of science, medicine, philosophy and linguistic analysts on consciousness. It finally dives deeply into the ocean of Esoterique knowledge (the science of consciousness) searching for the causes of deficiencies, clarifying the differences in the attained levels of consciousness among people, giving new ideas and explaining the connection between the known and unknown facts on the subject. It presents a practical and applicable way of unfolding one’s consciousness, in a simple style, enabling the reader to arrive at a precise self-evaluation of the level of his consciousness whereupon he can work on its expansion towards far-reaching new horizons that his mind has not yet been able to reach.

Moreover, the book treats the question of consciousness at a more vital and wider level than the traditional understanding and theoretical conclusions. It treats the subject in its dual aspects: the human-psychic (the acquired) and the self-spiritual (the original), in a practical unprecedented presentation, enabling the reader to realize by himself that what is really meant by consciousness “is more comprehensive than the mere sensory and mental consciousness but is actually the basis of both”.

The book also presents the technique of arriving at an esoteric understanding of human consciousness, logically and by experimentation, for man is the laboratory and the experimenter at one and the same time. The mind is the laboratory of the self, and unfoldment of consciousness the result of the experiment. Furthermore, the book explains the way consciousness acts and reacts in the aura (the Electro-magnetic field surrounding the physical body), in a transparency that equals the ethereal nature of consciousness itself which it describes, making it seem so real.

This book on the subject of consciousness is one we have long waited for, and as all other Esoterique books is readable more than once.

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