The Esoteric Science is derived from the ancient knowledge, and goes back in its origin to the very beginning of human existence. Its main concern is the whole being of man, its more specific field is the hidden and invisible constituents of the human being — not to shed light on them, but to put them into practice, so that man realizes their existence. Since man is regarded as the pivot and the starting point, it is therefore imperative that he attains self-knowledge. Thus the Esoteric Science proceeds from the knowledge of the self (which is attained through a practical and systematic application of an inward process) and expands to include all knowledge. This means that each of the human sciences, be it physical or mental, psychological or spiritual, is in fact an integral part of the Esoteric Science.
The Esoteric Science is, therefore, an inner path that goes through the objective consciousness, penetrates the innermost recesses of the self (the subconscious and the unconscious) to reach the True Self and discover the latent Truth which is the source of everything. It is not theory, or after theoretical knowledge, but is an inward process which leads to knowledge through practical and personal experience. This cannot be stressed further as it is one of the most basic principles of this distinctive applicable science.
Self-knowledge will lead man to self-realization, and will, gradually, teach him how to gain a deeper and more extensive comprehension of all the mundane sciences — in as much as he expands and deepens the knowledge of himself.
It is the aim of the Esoteric Science to conduct every human being to the consciousness of the True Self within, and to the discovery of his Reality. The process makes him aware of his dormant energies gradually.
When this is achieved, the Esoteric Science will have fulfilled its mission which is consciousness in evolution and evolution in consciousness. Thus man becomes a master or a super human being.