A Wise Master’s Letter <-> Reincarnation

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-70-4

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A Wise Master’s Letter  to his Disciples – Reincarnation a Reality or an Illusion (2 Books in 1 – tête-bêche format)

In the wake of the success of the Esoteric publications in Arabic: “A Wise Master’s Letter to his Disciples” and  “Reincarnation – A Reality or an Illusion?!” by Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM), the two books were translated into English and bound together in one Tête-bêche publication of 128 medium size pages, published by Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut.

This comes further to the high demand from the four corners of the world to translate the Arabic Esoteric teachings and surpassing 70 publications of Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM) into English, French, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, and other languages… which turns upside down the entrenched conventional assumption that only foreign publications are usually translated into Arabic. As expected in the Esoteric Sciences, the originality is carried over from the mental to the mantle, to an unconventional Tête-Bêche format (a French idiom meaning head-to-tail), where two books are printed together, but upside down and back-to-back. According to “The Guardian” newspaper (UK) on 28 July 2011, tête-bêche unconventional format is making one of its periodic returns to favour!

“A Wise Master’s Letter to his Disciples” is the comprehensive and condensed fruit of a Great Adept’s experiences and findings, encapsulating his teachings and instructions in a letter to his disciples – an eternal torch of knowledge, to illuminate their hearts and their way. That venerable Master decided to convey it as a general methodology that may be consulted whenever guidance or advice is needed on the path of knowledge, toward self-realization.

That Great Master realized that his presence among his disciples could not continue, due to his engagement to his numerous commitments towards humanity at large. But while taking a distance, allowing them to proceed by themselves on their own path, he remained in spiritual contact with them, and availed them of the gist of his knowledge and experience in one global and concise letter… which the Great Wise Masters of self-knowledge consider of paramount importance and a major reference in the curriculum of the Esoteric Science. Let alone that the authentic esoteric schools embrace it as a comprehensive research per se, while other schools adopt it as a main topic in their curriculum.

In order to simplify the subject for the readers, the Master’s letter was re-organised into three sections: The Deed of Love, the Way of Consciousness, and the Importance of Practical Application. As to the remainder of the letter, it presents guidelines and teachings that pave the way for a more global journey on the path of edifying knowledge towards practical self-realization.

Then the reader may turn the book upside down, to proceed with the other part, starting to realize that his own life will be soon turning inside out, upon the intensive sips of esoteric insights and teachings…

By opening the “Reincarnation – A Reality or an Illusion” book, the reader will open the doors of his consciousness to the principles of the Soul, to its concealed nature and to the methods used for benefiting from hidden powers latent within.

“Reincarnation – A Reality or an Illusion” deals with the subject of reincarnation from an unprecedented objective viewpoint, treating it in a pragmatic method and presenting it with the approach of scientific logic that has not been explored before. Three main topics are addressed in this book answering three important questions: Is Reincarnation a Reality or an Illusion?! Is there a Scientific Evidence on Reincarnation?! How can we remember our Past Incarnations on Earth?! The first topic was published in a press interview; the second was requested by a radio station; whereas the third was presented in a public lecture. The importance of these three topics is that they complement each other, and add a new dimension to this olden doctrine which remains the subject of discussions and controversy throughout the centuries.

To reject means that we had already known… but to what extent do we really know ourselves?! Keeping an open mind towards all matters is the distinctive trait of the conscious man… and self-experimentation leads to truthful conviction… after which it is insignificant whether one accepts or rejects… the importance lies in reaching the deduction based on personal experience.  This is how man evolves, how science evolves, and how human civilizations flourish… it is how the unconsciousness transforms into consciousness… and the faculty of comprehension grows in man – the aim of the Esoteric Sciences!

This is just a foretaste of the two books, which are considered as fundamental prerequisites for serious seekers on the path of self-development.

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