A journey into the Hidden Human Self (French Edition)

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-72-8

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The book approaches new and far-reaching horizons in the technique of “Know Thyself”… In addition to its smooth and simple style, and the refinement and transparency of the depth of its contents, the book induces the reader to sail through the tempests of this glorious and modern way of life courageously and with inner peace and happiness. It presents a somewhat detailed course of practice which any person can apply in his daily life, round-the-clock.

Then, in not so long a time he discovers that he was able to tune to his inner Self, penetrating the depths of his being, uncovering its secrets, understanding the underlying state of its feelings, the motives of its behaviour, its mysterious incompatible relationships with others as well as with life itself, the finding of faults, and the discovery of the way of arriving at an inner equilibrium as well as with one’s environment. This results in an almost complete control over oneself and even on the events of one’s personal life.

The author of the book says: “To the extent that you arrive at self-knowledge, you will realize that the cause of everything has its source in your own being, and that the effect will rebound in yourself”. In its narrative style and way of addressing the reader, the book facilitates for him the digestion of its highly refined contents, and treats of abstruse subjects as questions of the will, self-training, personal experience, the dimensions of the mind, love in all its aspects, consciousness and its mechanisms, wisdom which illuminates thought, the absolute law of evolution, the eternity of life and other relevant subjects, all discussed in a way far from being difficult, dry or repulsive. It presents in an utmost poetical style the link between materialistic scientific thought and the sublime humanitarian approach.

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