A Hundred Days with a Master of Wisdom (English Edition)

By Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN: 978-614-449-064-8

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This best seller by Master Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM) was originally written in Arabic, reprinted in several editions, and translated into French, Greek and Bulgarian languages. And following numerous demands, the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge is proud to announce the publication of this unique book in English language. It consists of 240 mid-sized pages, and is considered a pillar of esoteric knowledge, and a must have in the library of every true seeker on the path of consciousness and evolution at all levels.

It unveils the intricate details of an experimental journey to the high peaks of the Himalayas, where a seeker of knowledge spent a life-changing hundred days with a Master of Wisdom, in the midst of a virgin and remote area.

The gripping narrative provides proof of the existence of supernatural powers for those who doubt. Doubt is essential, if it is positive and ultimately leads to certainty, says the author, while negative doubt leads to anxiety, fear and uncertainty. The book reminds us that it is impossible to study the universe without studying the inner dimensions of humankind. It explains the nature of the seven inner dimensions, elaborates on the differences between the self, the Higher Self and the Soul. It also discloses the special techniques to raise awareness beyond the realm of the physical body and its sensory perceptions, to the more rarefied levels of consciousness.

As a witness of the extraordinary phenomena accomplished by the Master for educational purposes, the seeker observes and listens as the Master explains the techniques of esoteric powers latent within, through a scientific approach that reconciles the miraculous with common sense.

The reader will also discover in this quest for knowledge that the only path to the truth is the development of consciousness, and that Love and Wisdom are the keys to such development…

This eye opening and mind expanding book is presented in a smooth narrative style, using simple terms that every person can grasp regardless of the educational background and the level of knowledge in esoteric subject matters. The experiences narrated by the seeker also form real life lessons to every reader and form a strong foundation of life enhancing insights on the practical level.


Written in Arabic, translated into French, Greek and now released in English