The Human Being between Consciousness and Unconsciousness

By Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (Master JBM)

ISBN: 978-614-449-032-7

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Master JBM (Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani) offered the Arabic library, not to say the world, an unprecedented wealth of human knowledge through his series of Esoteric Science publications. His giving is an ageless human practical knowledge that continues to flow from his indefatigable pen, surprising the aspirants of esoteric knowledge with its novelty, whatever may the circumstances be.

Master JBM’s new release “The Human Being between Consciousness and Unconsciousness” is the fifty ninth publication in Arabic that holds his initials JBM. This exceptional book of 144 medium-sized pages is published only in Arabic among the Esoteric Science series by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut – Lebanon.

The book is composed of three sections explaining the path of life and its stages from consciousness to unconsciousness, from the lower self to the human higher Self and beyond, passing through the various levels of consciousness and the numerous levels of unconsciousness, crowning “the human being as the wisdom of the future” in his quest to reach perfect consciousness.

The author begins his explanations on the subject of consciousness saying: “The Esoteric Science – science of the inner being – considers all the abstract terms as designations – so to say to clarify the meaning – given to supreme spiritual layers, which differ from each other based on their constituents, or their level of supremacy… However, they are not disconnected, but rather united with one another by a oneness, which destiny is in the One and Only, in an unknown existence ending in the Absolute!”, and JBM continues explaining:

 “We believe it is our duty to provide nuanced explanation and exegesis for some of the abstract terms that dictionaries explicate as being but synonyms, whereas in reality they entail a far hidden significance that delves deep in the core of their esoteric meaning, and even points out the uncommon dimension in the course of narration in this book.”  

These terms are: Absolute Perpetuity (السرمد), Eternity (الأزل), Sempiternity (الأبد), Immortality (الخلود)”.

The author explains that these terms are in fact a gradient of different levels ranging from the most supreme meaning of Divinity down to the Human Being, and from Existence Absolute down to Earth, where in this gradient, the layers of consciousness and unconsciousness come successively in the coherence of the path of absolute perpetual evolution. The book draws with the ink of words the unlimited circles of consciousness and unconsciousness in the universe, it draws them as a complete chain of beginnings and endings, interconnected as an undividable oneness, constituting what Master JBM defines as the “No-Beginning” and “No-End”.

In some of his books, the author has previously presented esoteric voyages wandering in the dimensions of the human being and the existence that embraces it. These voyages have shed light on the hidden aspects of the human being and its relation with the dimensions of existence. And today, the author presents, through his new publication, voyages revealing the hidden roaming of the human being in the universes, in one coherent voyage titled “The Human Being between Consciousness and Unconsciousness”. These voyages give the readers a feeling of roaming the vast universes and galaxies… traversing great luminous stages from Absolute Perpetuity to Eternity to Sempiternity, then from Immortality to Earth and Life and Nature, so readers discover that they are the captain, the passenger, and the travelling vehicle at the same time… They discover in this roaming that it is possible to experience the various levels of consciousness. They also discover how consciousness became unconsciousness and consequently folded in the depths of their beings… For the human being “began as an particle of consciousness, which is conscious of itself within the circumference of its higher Self, but unconscious of the circumference of its existence”… “this particle went down the ladder of consciousness, and descended until reaching the lowest level of physical consciousness. Then it began that great reverse takeoff, aiming towards awakening the particle of sheer spiritual consciousness in relation to its surrounding.

 The Human Being between Consciousness and Unconsciousness” is an unparalleled deep dive into the essence of consciousness and unconsciousness, reminding human beings that “the aim of humanity, ever since its existence in the universe and its arrival on Earth, was and still is acquiring consciousness”, where the human being is the axis forever and more.

*** Available in Arabic Only