At Last she Confessed…

Lubna Nuwayhid

ISBN 978-9953-405-65-0

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“At Last she Confessed…” Is the topic of a life-novel recently released among the publications of the Esoteric Sciences – the Sciences of the Inner Man. The novel is written (in Arabic) by Lubna Nuwayhid in 144 pages of medium size and published by Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut.

After her successful co-authored books “…Eventually, Hope Realized” and “Beauty… Flashes & Secrets”, also “Of the Esoteric Harvest”, her intriguing new novel “At Last she Confessed…” sheds light on the glimpses of happiness that everyone seeks to stretch out over a lifetime. Happiness is often pursued far and wide, except in the bosom of the inner self; like Tolstoy’s fabled beggar, who spent his life sitting on a pot of gold…

“At Last she Confessed…” reveals the reality of true happiness, which varies according to one’s level of consciousness. Knowing that the Esoteric Science is based on practical applied methodologies, the story offers a practical approach to reach happiness, through narrating the captivating biography of a woman, tracing a life journey from the prime of youth to the culminating discovery of her true self. The story flows in an eloquent yet simple style, to portray in the three sections of the book the intimate seasons of the heart, the ebb and flow of misery and happiness following the vagaries of the human psyche, alternating between knowledge and ignorance, pleasure and pain, victory and failure…

Throughout the text, the reader feels himself transported from a state of happiness to another… attaining the happiness of heart-ease and peace of mind – happiness upon confession. As confession is not merely a virtue, but is also, in the norm of the humane Esoteric Sciences, the path of self-mastery through the expansion of consciousness coupled with reform… It is the process of impartially and genuinely unmasking the thought, to probe with precision the depths of one’s negativities and shortages in the mundane self, to acknowledge them, in preparation for the self-redemption workshop to straighten his behavior in life.

Confessions are not palliative means of self-reproach but genuine means of effective remedy, alike a broom sweeping away impurities drenched and soaked in remorseful tears, leaving the surface brighter and clearer. The protagonist describes how she suffered each time she confessed. Since confession, as stated in the novel, “was stripping herself out of herself as a snake sheds its skin, revealing the hidden truth… For her, confession has always been the hardest step as it embraced the inception and annihilation of the rooted negativity.”

The events of the story reveal that life is not a straight forward march one undertakes and pursues monotonously, at a fixed pace to reach its end… it is rather a series of ups and downs, hither and thither moves on the checkerboard of darkness and light… and the vigilant, striving person who wishes to improve his life, benefits from each situation and opportunity, acquiring experience from each failure, looking back to admit mistakes and moving forward to remedy them in actions that speak even louder than words of confessions. This is what happened to the protagonist who liberated herself from the doom and gloom of her self-inflicted notions, and straightened the path of her life, walking steadfastly after having slipped and fallen many times…

Among the confessions contained within the story, the heroine honestly elucidates the causes of her mistakes. Her reckless attitude, failing to awaken the self and purifying it from negativities, lead to the unexpected, as she mentions: “to my surprise, those negativities reemerged stronger than ever. They resurfaced stronger and more aggressive because the seed I planted and nurtured for a long time has turned into thorns and thistles… that is the harvest of my unconsciousness – stronger and more dominant negative behaviors.”

The beauty of “At Last she Confessed…” lies in being a harvest of escalating confessions stemming from the heart, from the depths of the subconscious, and from the sincere will to advance in life clearly and responsibly… For these confessions turn the heavy footprints of mistakes into milestones on the path, thus serving as a guide for those who follow a similar path, and those who  stumbled or are about to, as happened with the protagonist. The novel calls one not to dishearten nor succumb to the swirling vortex of despair, but to proceed with fixed resolution, changing self-pitying failure into a learned lesson, and dark tears of defeat into pearls of wisdom, letting go resistance to change, to embrace experience and consciousness.

And here we give way for the reader to enjoy the novel.

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