Bouquets from the Master’s Aphorisms

Walid Farah

ISBN 978-9953-405-66-7

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“Bouquets from the Master’s Aphorisms” is the most recent published book adorning the constellation of the Esoteric Sciences series, published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge in Beirut. The book enfolds 80 medium sized pages and is compiled by the researcher in the Esoteric Sciences, Walid Farah. It is worth noting that the worldwide esoteric publications in the various humane, literary, philosophical, scientific, and workaday practical fields, have expanded to more than 65 books, to date, in the Arabic language, among which many have been translated to other languages including English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian and Russian… This is in addition to the books written originally in English… the total of which is considered by far as the longest homogeneous series dealing with the Human Being as a subject and a focal point, concerning his hidden aspects rather than the apparent ones.

“Bouquets from the Master’s Aphorisms” provides inspirational, practical, workaday guidelines within 19 different subjects stemming from the core knowledge of the Esoteric Sciences… The book takes you to a journey among the multiple layers of consciousness, wisdom and starking truth… it wanders in the dimensions of the human psyche and the Humane Self, offering torches that illuminate the path of the reader in his quest to fathom the unknown hidden secrets… as to the difference between error and sin, is that the error is an incomplete step towards learning; whereas the sin represents the desire to walk in the opposite direction (vis-à-vis the order of life)”… “If man can be unbiased and sincere in understanding the events that permeate his life, he would understand the law of life in all its secrets and intricacies”.

The book also reveals the methods of good conduct, sound comprehension, and practical application of the essence of modesty in workaday life, since “elevation is not always transcendental… as the clouds block only the sunlight!” and “not every descent is modesty… as the parasites that grow along the trunks of trees only absorb their nourishments with nothing useful to offer!”

Based on the above and many in the same eloquent manner, “Bouquets from the Master’s Aphorisms” provides the reader with thought provoking topics for meditation and guidelines for contemplation, varying between consciousness and wisdom, chronology and Time, unity and duality, bestowing and transparency, honesty and faith, knowledge and truth, ingenuity and creativity, evolution and freedom, embracing within all these topics eternal words surpassing time and space.

The book “Bouquets from the Master’s Aphorisms” is a practical, inspirational, workaday guide book illuminating the different paths of life and benefiting every reader searching for a new mode of living to elevate his consciousness.

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