The Secrets of the Human Body Formation

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-46-9

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This book is the forty first masterwork within the series of the Esoteric Sciences, written by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM) and published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge in Beirut. The contents of the book expand in 240 medium ― sized pages, Unveiling the Secrets of Symbols forming the Human Body and its Organs.

 It was said long ago: “Symbols are the alphabet of the gods”, just as eloquence is the language of the awe-inspiring perfectness expressed by a creative mind! This leads to the aphorism “If the symbol is lost, the meaning fades away”, which in itself is a dazzling summary that hides a rhetoric wisdom, the explanation of which requires volumes of writings… and to it goes the credit in publishing this book.

Is the symbol a portrayal of the meaning of form? Does every meaning have a symbol? Do we read the symbol in the form or find it in the essence? Maybe the essence generates the form as a mediator to facilitate the access to the meaning…

And if the symbols of Creation are in the human body, and the forms of its organs are at the core of the truths in Man’s inner depths… then to what extent can we say that reading into symbols is the deepest in the thinking faculty, being the alphabet of the gods, i.e. the eternal language that has never undergone any change or renewal?!

Is it because the symbols are silent in expression and throbbing in tranquillity, pulsating with their meanings as if teaching the researcher the secret of delving into the deciphering of enigmas?!

Man is symbolically divine in his formation and form, in his contents and constitution, in his appearance and features… So what do the visible and invisible within him symbolize?!

Initially, doesn’t the symbol reveal a geometric illustration that makes the reader think… the viewer contemplate… and the researcher analyse? Notwithstanding that the reading of a symbol sharpens the thinking faculty and enriches the imagination.

The reader should remember that each starting point from the centre to the surroundings, from the essence to the non-essential, is a correct starting point. So what if the axis and the centre happen to be Man himself?!

From here, the Esoteric Science proceeds, as usual, revealing what has not been unveiled before, as we accompany it in an intriguing journey, unprecedented, amid enigmas, mysteries and secrets, enlightened by the Esoteric’s simplified knowledge in the unfathomed depths, where lay the jewels of knowledge which are invisible to the eyes, yet, visible to inner sight!

We focus now on what the meanings of the human body’s organs symbolise… because the divinity of its structure, as the author says, prompted him with his advance in age and depth of knowledge, to experience an absolute conscious faith in the Creator, enhance in conviction, and attain sublime consciousness. For as much as one knows and experiences, one gains in faith and elevation. By this way the concept of the humane sciences meets up with profound faith.

The author found what he has been searching for long  in the Esoteric Sciences (the sciences of man’s inner components) where he is still getting to know the mysteries lurking behind each science and every speciality; especially within the depths of that being we call MAN. For man in his totality, in his outer, inner and hidden dimensions, is the axis of researches and practical life studies since its initial presentation in the original Esoteric institutions in the Far East.

Ancient Esoteric manuscripts inform us that the creation of the human soul preceded the creation of the solar system in the higher realms of space… and the solar system became the inner embodiment of Man’s geometric formation after the shape of his body took its final form. For the symbols of his being are a reflection of the esoteric geometry, from the perfect formation of the universe to the complete motion in the physical body. And this motion is in continuous communication with that of the solar system.

These manuscripts add that man’s physical body embraces several shapes… each one has, as does each organ, a symbol… and these symbols are classified in two types: outer physical and inner invisible (ethereal). This is what the book elaborates in explaining further.

Here, we allow the reader (who has not yet read the publications of the Esoteric Sciences in their sundry subjects) to delve into dimensions he has not fathomed before, or into realms touching upon truths stranger than fiction… such Esoteric truths that appeal to the meditations of students of self-knowledge and of schools of self-realization … truths that were veiled by time, behind the curtain of oblivion, so that they remain safe from superficial curiosity in order for one to deduct what is important firstly, whilst the most important truths remains untouched and unknown.

This is not an academic book in the usual sense; it is neither about dissection nor about medicine. It is just a practical everyday book explaining the meaning of symbols and shapes of the human body’s organs through the Esoteric perspective, and in pictorial manner… using similes and comparisons, and at times using metaphors and allegories, resorting always to the physiological functions of the bodily organs to clarify the point revealing the mysterious, and sometimes insinuating to what was before the creation of the body.

This book is a study in depth in the geography of the human body, in relation to the position of its organs and the symbols of their outward and inward shapes… through the Esoteric dissection of knowledge in the practical  life, starting with the functional work of the organs and reaching to the Esoteric concepts and enigmas… so that it is perhaps the first book which explains the meaning of the symbols and their relationship with what exist in Space.

Based on the aphorism “If the symbol is lost, the meaning fades away”, the topics of this book deal with the meanings of the symbols of the bodily organs and the enigmas of the formation of the human being as drawn out by the divine geometry based upon the science of numbers and their significance… and for further explanation, the book uses some expressions and symbolic paragraphs that appeared in the Eastern holy writs… for further assertion and for enriching the subject by discovering the veiled truths. Furthermore, one being versed in the meanings of the invisible inner truths reveals the significance of myths and legends, helping the reader discover their keys.

The author says that he requested the superintendents of the higher esoteric studies for advice and assistance… he accompanied one of them to the archive hall which stores rare esoteric manuscripts and special secret folios that go back to civilisations of olden times! He stared in amazement at them as if he discovered a treasure… esoteric manuscripts as ancient as history itself… old folios surrounded by an aura of reverence and grandeur, because these symbolise the Creator’s relationship with man…

Also included holy writs, together with various researches into the mysteries and the sciences of secrets and divinities, all presented in numerical equations alike a perfected geometrical structure… Most of them are written in non-Latin script, but are attached to their English translations – the author had only to sort and transliterate into Arabic the information needed.

He stood for a long time dazzled, beholding volumes of manuscripts, folios, documents and research papers and uncountable personal achievements. All were categorized with subject titles stacked on old shelves in old storage units defying dust with their cleanliness, but could not challenge time that left a yellow shade on their pages.

His sight devoured these unique manuscripts before he could lay hands on them, as he, innately, adores riddles, secrets and symbols, and he aspires for all that is rare, strange and hard to attain. The author embarked on reading, quenching his thirst, collecting the information required for his esoteric research.

What does the human form symbolise? And to what does every organ of the body point to? What is the secret tie that links man to existence around him? Are there any mysteries and secrets not revealed as yet? What is the similarity between man and nature? How is the geometry of his composition related to the Universe and to the Number?… among several other matters that were mentioned in the context of this unique book, in addition to unexpected questions revealed by different researches and in-depth studies, not to omit what follows on from first deductions through study of old esoteric manuscripts and folios!

The focus of the studies which the author undertook was on the similarities between the body’s external organs and the internal ones, and their relationship with the inner unseen (etheric) sheaths of consciousness and with the Universe’s contents… He then explains the symbols of the shapes of the internal organs and their esoteric functions, from the viewpoint of realizing the aim of natural phenomena and Universal entities… along with the esoteric significance for each entity, being or creature.

The new thing in the findings is the gist of what is selected of veiled knowledge which deciphers riddles and reveals mysteries for the aim of explaining what has been mysterious to Man, that he may reach awareness and adopt the best in life through getting to know his body and the inner vibrational constituents together with their relationship with outer space… This is in preparation for future rounds and achievements in areas of knowledge, related to daily living dealing with the medical and scientific domain… and revealing fascinating inner geometrical forms and shapes, presenting advanced means in treatment of illnesses depending on the size and dimensions of the afflicted organ, by understanding its relationship with the dimensions among planets and stars!

Perhaps such truths place the reader in a state of meditative solemnity, austerity and prayer, whilst delving into the mysteries of his inner composition, the basis of his existence.

The truths of this book surpass imagination… for they reveal the relationship of man with the Universe, and put in details the relationship of all things with all that relates to man’s life, thus linking the phenomena with their esoteric origins from the point of view of Man’s relationship with all things in the Universe.

This book combines science, philosophy and divinities… linking the logic of science with the certitude of faith through the revelations of the mysterious man within!

A unique book, rare in its subjects, rich in contents, wide in horizons and unfathomable in its depths… formulated by Life’s logic in a simplified yet fascinating pictorial manner.

We could not summarize the book’s subjects because each comprises a bit of everything. In fact it is a book which the general libraries are proud of, being short of its contents.

Congratulations to everyone who reads it, and studies it.

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