Between Music and Esoteric

Anwar Samarani

ISBN 978-9953-405-45-2

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“Between Music and the Esoteric…”- An Esoteric Adventure in the Mysteries of the Relationship of Music and Man by Anwar Samrani is a new tune, added to the gamut of the Esoteric Sciences publications. The book contains 184 pages of medium size and is published by the Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut, Lebanon. The book’s introduction is written by Dr. Walid Gholmiyeh, the writer, music composer and conductor of the Lebanese National Orchestra.

As the Esoteric Sciences are the Sciences of Man by excellence, the book comes to shed light on the importance of music in man’s life, unveiling the truth about the relationship between the innermost dimensions of man –his esoteric bodies or sheaths of consciousness – and the musical vibrations.

The book defines the importance of “number seven” being the base of all, for “the principal notes are seven, and the colors that form the white light are seven, also the esoteric bodies are seven, so are the chakras and the main planets,… and so on… and all are interrelated and correlated in a unity that reveals the masterpiece of creation in the creature – man”.

The book defines the links between meditation and music, and connects them with the essence – man, stating: “True meditation leads into the heart of music. Through meditation, man extends his senses beyond the physical to feel the esoteric components of his being… where he can listen to the music that they produce in their ongoing movement. For music is more that nourishment for the innermost, it is one of its constituents that bespeaks of it in its never ending motion…”

Science informs us that man began to explore his relation with music since he started to think. Whereas the Esoteric Sciences take us to the very beginnings of the evolution of consciousness, mentioning that “The relationship between man and music is as old as creation itself… it is a continuous presence and interaction of consciousness since it is an inseparable part of him…” The Esoteric Path does not stop with this explanation, but presents to his readers the practical ways that allow them to live and explore this interaction in real life application…

And while love, in the Esoteric Sciences, is a major player in the evolution of consciousness, the book delves into its importance: “The interaction of the pulse of the lower self of man and woman together is a microscopic picture or a miniature reflection of the pulse of the Higher Self of the perfected man. It is an enchanting echo in the Soul open to its glorious divine attributes…” and on the relation of music with love and joy, it states: “Love is positive by nature, and joy is positive by interaction. Whereas music harmonizes with both to increase the level of positiveness and harmony, which reflects in higher consciousness among the loved ones…”

It is said in the Far East that “Music is the bridge between man and the heavens” and it might be said of the book that it is a bridge between man and music… as it delves into many of the aspects of music and their relation to man through more than 20 topics. It presents an encompassing study about the esoteric history of music, and the truth about the origin and meaning of the word ‘music’. It studies the lives of historic figures such as Orpheus and Pythagoras and sheds light on their hidden teachings. It also dives into the hidden aspects of the sound and mantras, together with their effects on the innermost dimensions of man… it takes us as well through the depths of silence and their revelations to man, for “in silence takes place the deep thinking, and in silence one sees what lies in the ether within and around him… and in silence one hears the inspirations of his innermost and the voice of conscience…”

As vibration is the essence of matter (which has been excessively explained in more than 40 esoteric books so far), the book explores this dimension, stating: “Pulse is the sound of vibration, and vibration is the soul of music, and music is the sound of life, while life is the theater on which man chants the symphony of consciousness…”. “And is it anything else than the music of the spheres that bespeaks of the motion of the joy of the planets and stars due to the overflowing magnitude of Love throughout space…”

“Between Music and the Esoteric…” is an invitation to every reader to delve into the realm of an interesting romantic journey that paves before him a way into the unknown, yet perceived… And since practical application is the base and foundation of the Esoteric Sciences, the book offers seven exercises that allow every person to experience the effects of music on his inner being, reaching a point where advanced exercises present ways to come up with new musical phrases or even compose musical tunes.

It is worth sharing some of Dr. Walid Gholmiyeh’s introduction for the book: “Music is absolute, divine, cosmic, sacred and liberating… for it is the language of existence, and attaining it esoterically is a free absolute state, sacred, cosmic, divine…”. Dr. Gholmiyeh stated that “the book aims at the deepest of depths” and added: “as this book takes its reader into the Esoteric(within), it also takes him into the never ending pulse of the great music and its invitation to the absolute”. On art, Dr. Gholmiyeh stated: “Art in my understanding is fabrication, and fabrication is motion, and motion is diving and searching and exploring and scrutinizing and…” he also added that “the book presents and analyses many explanations and clarifies many aspects related to the subjects, and the writer did it in a way worthy of a praise”.

Finally, Dr. Walid Gholmiyeh ended his introduction by stating: “All great and creative musicians are esoteric”.

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