The Esoteric As Cosmic Thought Wisdom-Incarnate

The Esoteric Science has always been the broadest and most comprehensive wisdom-science. It is the only science that has accompanied man since he first became conscious of himself.
It is a truth which is experienced by advanced students that this science is being taught not only on Earth but on all cosmic planes… because it is the way to the wisdom of truth!
Wherever man is, on Earth or beyond, incarnate or discarnate, this science is his to learn. It is the most divine since it is the science of the core and not the crust, the science of the essence and not the manifestation — the science of wisdom!
It is the only science taught on all the metaphysical planes of existence. It is applicable on those planes because it is the science of the invisible constituents of man’s consciousness. The evolution of the consciousness of these invisible constituents is the aim of man on the planet Earth!
The path of destiny extends through times and universes; it starts within man and expands and rises to the highest planes – the metaphysical worlds – where the soul of man is at home, limitless and infinite. Wherever man is, the path of destiny extends, and along this path man learns this inner (Esoteric) science; he proceeds onward and onward since the goal is to reach the wisdom of pure knowledge which is beyond all knowledge.
The Sages and Great Masters of Wisdom are all over the Earth and beyond the Earth, enlightening man with the knowledge that brings him closer to himself, and to the path he should take to reach the goal.