The Esoteric and Self Knowledge

“Self-knowledge is the mother of all knowledge” is an old saying. It is at the base of Greek philosophical thought. The Esoteric goes further in stressing the practical application of self-knowledge. The perfectness of humane consciousness is the stage reached through self-knowledge; whereas the stage of union with the divine, the stage of pure (perfect) consciousness (supra-consciousness) is only attained through the application of self-knowledge and the attainment of cosmic knowledge.
Self-knowledge is the duty of man because he is the pivot and the starting point; cosmic knowledge is also essential because man is part of the universe. Yet, cosmic knowledge is only possible through self-knowledge for man himself is the center of all things.
Self-knowledge has always been the dream of philosophers, scientists, great men and the medical body; yet, only those who applied the Esoteric and trod the Path of Consciousness and inner evolution, did in fact attain true and complete self-knowledge.
Self here includes the Soul, that divine spark in man which is either unknown to or ignored by the majority of mankind. It is the real force that moves the human being. It is the real man.