28. What is the concept of Love and giving from the Esoteric perspective?

Giving is the embodiment of Love. So if Love is the secret to the development of consciousness and the basis of awakening the wisdom in the Self, giving is the secret of nourishing that wisdom. That is not by giving money, for it is the cheapest kind of giving. What is meant by giving is that man should give out of himself, of his compassion, his joy, his knowledge, his consciousness, etc…
For the true giving is in applying practical Love as open-mindedness on others, i.e. the openness on all that we don’t like about others and about life in general.

26. What is the Esoteric opinion about interpreting dreams?

The Esoteric tells us that the dream is a message specific to the person who had it, i.e. interpreting a dream is only possible and relevant to the dreamer. A dream can also be more important than a personal message to the dreamer, when it is a revelation of the unknown… Details about the truth of dreams, their types, their symbols, how they affect man’s life, what nightmares are and their causes, and other subjects related to the world of dreams can be found in our book “Dreams and Visions…

25. What is the difference between destiny and fate?

Destiny is the divine way imposed on mankind by the divine will. And man cannot choose his destiny or change it nor can he go out of its track for it is the irreplaceable will of God. As for fate, it is the inevitable result of the causes and factors created by man himself. The Esoteric puts an end to the controversy of whether or not man is the master of his fate by its famous clause: “Man is free to choose within the limits of his knowledge. This is his fate. But when he is lead beyond his choice outside such limits – is his destiny” Our book “Lectures on the Esoterique – Part II” discusses in depth the difference between fate and destiny, presenting practical life examples.