6. What is meant by Esoteric Bodies?

Man is deeper and broader than a physical body stimulated by mere chemical and biological reactions. Man is body and Soul and in between lie many components or invisible vehicles of consciousness that form the lower self and the higher Self. All are vibratory in nature and in perpetual movement like the Etheric field around the body (Aura). These Esoteric Bodies constitute, with the physical body, the seven dimensions of consciousness in one’s being, and these are as follows:

1-The Physical body: the practical application (sensation).

2-The Etheric body (aura): the nature of the physical (presence).

3-The Astral body: (feelings).

4-The Thought and Intelligence body: (mind).

5-The body of Love: (knowledge).

6-The Will body: (the will).

7-The Wisdom body: (the Soul).

Whereas the physical body is made of visible atoms, the Esoteric bodies remain unseen for they are composed of vibrations, precisely of vibratory undulations which can only be seen when the person unfolds his innermost dimensions, so he sees them by insight (clairvoyance). Simply, the Esoteric bodies are the vehicles of consciousness or its dimensions, through which the person realizes the outer and inner world, by means of their reaction and interaction in the physical body through the brain, hence the person can sense the facts, feel and think and become aware… thus the physical senses are sharpened.