Within the Sanctum of the Heart

Nada Shehadeh Mouawad

ISBN 978-9953-405-95-7

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“Within the Sanctum of the Heart” is the title of the poetry collection that has recently joined the all-embracing shelf of the Esoteric Sciences. It is written in the Arabic language by Architect Nada Shehadeh Mouawad in 96 medium-sized pages and is published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut.

“Within the Sanctum of the Heart” is a bouquet of poems and prose addressing the subject of love as understood and lived by the writer through her application of the inner humane sciences – the Esoteric Sciences, and as every human on the face of Earth longs to live it, in order to be elevated by love, in love and through love, from the mundane to the humane. The writer presented a variety of love topics in a poetic style, a prose poetry or poetic proseRemarkably, the book is written with the words of a woman, addressing man in all themes of love.

When you read “Within the Sanctum of the Heart”, its expressions go beyond touching the heart, reaching its sanctum… the Holy of Holies… and its poems and prose describe, with utmost splendor and transparency, the dimensions of love and its stages with such daring and feminineness that enfold more rhetoric than literature. It is expressed with intelligence and purity that make you want to re-evaluate yourself and your love, in order to improve towards a promising future bursting with love and awareness…

“Within the Sanctum of the Heart” is a book that exudes with passion, warmth and love, as the writer says:

“I  am like an extremist, and you are my cause
Your goal is my goal, your summit is my purpose, and your glory is my mission
With you and for you I know no half-solutions,
Either I will be entirely yours
And you will be entirely mine
Or otherwise, our gathering will remain like the horizon
And you and I, like the sky and the sea
seeming so close, yet so far apart!”

And in another verse she says:
“What has a beginning has an end,
and if I must have a beginning,
then you are my beginning and you are certainly my never-ending…
How  blissful it is that I begin on your lips
And end up as a drizzle of femininity… also on your lips
Here I start anew, like the Phoenix,
Burning within your love and shivering with womanliness
Then I flounce once again in a renewed desire
for you,
for your love,
for your manhood,
for your weight upon me…”

“Within the Sanctum of the Heart” is more than just a great book, in form and in substance, it was written from the heart and the intellect to reach each heart and every intellect… Enjoy reading it…


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