Historic Background

The Esoteric Science spread first in the Far East where all the sacred manuscripts had been kept by the successors of the great sages. There, the “Great White Brotherhood” was founded as the first brotherhood on Earth. Anyone who aspired to acquire the knowledge of man in all its branches had to gradually rise in knowledge, experience and self-development until he ended up in there, in the Far East. After studying and “graduating” from the “Mother University” mentioned above, he would have to follow in the steps of his teachers, and it would be his duty to go forth into the world to enlighten his fellowmen and guide them to the Path of Truth, the Path which comprises Matter and Spirit, for the purpose is to make man whole in the knowledge of himself and all around him.
In this manner the Esoteric Science started to spread beyond the frontiers of the Far East, in the old times. Yet, wherever it reached, it remained secret and inaccessible except to the true disciples whose goal was Humane Perfectness and the return to the Creator. This could be achieved only in accordance with the Divine Plan which had predetermined the Return Path.
Because of the then prevailing political conditions, the Esoteric Science spread in all parts of the world in disguised forms. In the Middle East, it appeared in the form of spiritual and divine teachings (religions). In the Near East, through physiognomy, telepathy and mysterious mental powers. In Greece as philosophy, numerology and architecture. In ancient Egypt through the secret of immortality, the mysteries of construction and through “magic” or the control of natural forces (elementals). In Mesopotamia through astronomy, astrology and the mysteries of space. In some European countries, the Esoteric Science appeared through psychology and semantics. It also appeared in the American Continent through controlling the natural elements and the animals. All those branches of knowledge were only masks behind which was hidden the true face of the Esoteric vast scientific knowledge… whether man realized it or not!
Nevertheless, the real science of the inner man was not taken outside its original abode except in complete secrecy and never came out into the open except with the dawning of the twentieth century.