The Esoteric Sources

Halfway through the twentieth century, the great wise Masters of the “Great White Brotherhood” decided that it was time to openly spread the Esoteric Science with the help of individuals who were devoted to this sacred task. The teachers or disciples who wished to introduce the Esoteric Science to others, must have had personally walked along this Inner Path of consciousness and development before extending their knowledge and the fruit of their experience to others. To acquire and to give only theoretical knowledge was prohibited. The Esoteric Science depends entirely on practical application and on the personal experiences acquired along this Path of Self-Knowledge which is no other than the Destiny of Man!
The decision of the Masters was carried out with the start of the second half of the twentieth century. Books, pamphlets and articles were to be seen in great numbers, bringing out into the open the pure Esoteric Science which had, hitherto, been concealed from the public.
Thus, the Esoteric Science started to come out into the daylight drawing not only on sacred ancient sources (manuscripts), but also on the experiences and lives of the great Masters of Knowledge, and on the experience of everyone who walked along the same sacred path.