Know your Memory (Bulgarian Edition)

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-62-9


The book explains that memory which acts and interacts within us is wider and beyond the extent of our actual knowledge of it. It is of different grades, levels, capacities and dimensions of consciousness, its activity evolving in the process of time. Here, memory is defined as the unfolded, active and organized portion of our consciousness, meaning that part which is the most concentrated and aware in the conscious division of the human mind. This proves that the extent of the capacity of the brain to retain knowledge corresponds to the extent to which consciousness is unfolded and evolved. The book also points to the roots of memory, its nature, the reasons behind differences in its capacity from one individual to the other, and also the importance of its relation with mental concentration.

In addition, It discusses the different kinds of memory that are linked together and are inherent in every man. It goes on to present the requirements for the stimulation of the activity of memory, and ends by giving several practical exercises enabling the readers, especially school and university students, to strengthen their memories. In spite of the fact that the memory is of a physical material nature, it constitutes the first step on the ladder of acquiring the concealed esoteric knowledge within one’s being. For, it is like a small window through which man can look on the mysterious nature of self-existence. The self-evolutionary path and the unfoldment of human consciousness proceed from this memory itself. It progresses in awareness, expands and traverses the limits of one kind of memory to that which succeeds it, until knowledge in all its ramifications is activated! Then we can verify Plato’s assertion that “Knowledge is remembrance”.