The Way to the Path of Glory

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-28-X

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The importance of the book lies in the humane narration of the story of the author as he recounts the incidents or steps which led him to the path of self-realization. At the start, he enquires distressfully: what is the aim of our birth, of our growing up, getting old, finally to die? We submit to the authority of our parents when young, then to the social restraints of society when we grow older, to end up surrendering to nihility when we die!

The book describes the dire suffering of the man who aspires and strives to live the perfect life which he inherently feels is his ultimate aim, almost by inspiration. Here, we get acquainted with the benefits of practically leading the way of life outlined by the esoteric sciences, a way which leads to the upliftment of man’s consciousness to higher realms of being, and insures for him mental calm, security and peace of mind.

The book also discusses the Esoterique comprehensive course or set of techniques in practicing the esoteric art of living and its bypaths. Here we have lofty principles and vivid images expressing wisdom, the wisdom behind the meaning and purpose of self-existence. There radiates from the lucidity of consciousness brilliant light, transparency from the power of giving, from dignity a revolution, and from success in reaching the goal an achievement of supremacy and creativity.

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