Know your Thought

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-33-6

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 The book discusses Thought, from its dual aspects, the humane and the mundane. The first being the essence and origin; the second, the derivative and ramification. The realm of manifestation of the first is the higher human Self, representing the reflection of the Divine in man; while the second operates in the area of the mundane self and is the production of experimentation and outcome of experiences conducted on earth, throughout ages.

As such, Thought is the only link which binds the mundane self of tangible nature, to the incorporeal Self of immaterial nature. Noting that the extent of arousing the dormant energy of the Mind depends on activating and strengthening of this link. The book delves into the vibrational dimensions of the thinking faculty (the Thought), which role is unique in manifestation and performance… whereby there is neither inner unfoldment of consciousness nor self-development unless the momentous role of the Thought and the importance of directing it adequately in the individual’s being is internally (esoterically) comprehended. For Thought, to perform its role in an optimized way, must be fully conscious of the inner vibrational composition of man.

Moreover, the reaching within and awakening of the inner constituents is realized through the Thought’s perception and comprehension of the wisdom of consciousness in driving the Thought’s vibrations. Moreover, the practical exercises in the book shed sufficient light on how to fortify one’s Thought. The book lays emphasis on the fact that consciousness is the criteria in the vibrational world (of the inner components) through experience, transcendence and evolution in the atomic dimension – the platform of the physical body.

On the other hand, the book does not overlook the important role of the feelings in the domain of Thought, and their relationship together as passionate lovers instead of opponents… as commonly recognized. It is the feelings that introduce the element of transparency in the Thought as an acquisition of consciousness after experiences and experiments… and it is the Thought that introduces maturity and finesse to the feelings through fulfilling the daily duties and deeds. Therefore, communication between the two is fundamentally essential, to avoid the outcome of Thought from being dry and rigid… also the feelings from expressing naivety and immaturity.

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