Know your Intelligence

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-34-4

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As a breakthrough in the realm of the Mind, the book addresses a momentous factor of practical life – the Intelligence. It points out to the source of Intelligence, its location, and the mechanism of its manifestation. Then it sheds light on the distinction between the operation of the intellect, as thought, and the performance of the Intelligence, i.e. between perception (as external means) and comprehension (as internal means), aiming to cognizance (by observation and identification) thus teaching through comparison.

The book also elucidates that comprehension is the garb of Intelligence, whilst perception is the garb of the intellect. The first being a state of innermost interaction that emanates from within… while the second is a state resulting form without. Meaning that comprehension is an exclusive faculty of the higher self.

Because it is a direct cognition that does not result from the senses, while perception belongs to the lower self, the domain of the senses, and the thinking faculty in the realm of the mundane. The crucial point in this unique book is based on experience rather than abstract and speculative theories or tiresome prosing… It delves into the science of man as a whole, and unveils “the Science of Intelligence” (if we may say so)… It breaks down Intelligence with precision and accuracy into three levels, the first being the supreme and divine Intelligence which belongs to the Soul; the second being the humane Intelligence or the Intelligence of the higher Self; and the third one being the mundane Intelligence or the Intelligence of the lower self.

The first one (as analogy) is an illuminating beam of light; the second, a spectrum of rays emanating from and surrounding the illuminating beam as its aura; and the third is radiations that are reflected and refracted on the physical entities… The illuminating beam of light is the essence, the rays the ramifications, and the radiations are a consequence of interaction. This is because, after entering into contact with the givens, the rays of the spectrum are refracted as these interact with the givens, resulting in radiations… Which means dissolving the one truth (the essence and origin) in the diversity of reality.

Moreover, the book dissects the mundane Intelligence in three categories: the ordinary, the scientific, and the one open on an esoteric concept. Also illustrating additional analogies with fine delicate explanations (metaphoric sometimes), that link the outer with the inner in a simplified manner coupled with a pioneering technique disclosing the concealed truth and distinguishing the leading Esoteric Science from other sciences by means of verification in the practical domain! So on and so forth, from actions to interactions, from causes to effects, the book describes the mundane Intelligence in practical terms, as being the perception of the visible which is substantial for the intellect through analysis and discrimination… also describing the humane Intelligence as being a direct comprehension that surpasses the tangible. The first is reachable through thinking and deduction; the second is the outcome of feelings and inner interactions that link the results with their causes.

Most remarkable is that the branches of the human philosophy were not able to determine the difference between the humane Intelligence and the mundane Intelligence… nor sciences did mention the difference or even allude to it on the agenda of their researches. For philosophy considers man as a reality…, while science as a result… but none of them has considered him as the Essence. That is why they remained far from man’s innermost. It is important to note that this book is a continuation to our previous one “know you thoughT”, where it was stated (in line with the Science of Numbers) that thought is the symbol of the number… and Intelligence its origin…, meaning that the vibrations of thought maneuver in accordance with a numerical order that lift thought to Intelligence!

Aiming at lifting thought to Intelligence, the practical exercises presented by the book reveals that Intelligence is a learning technique and a fast acquiring quality… like the other simplified techniques that the Esoteric has offered to lift one’s consciousness, noting that the final judgment remains the reader’s, in light of the outcome of experimentations that would eventually prove that Intelligence is a sensation of beauty within the inner being of man… and is also the authentic feeling of love between man and woman. For love is the main factor behind the satisfaction and fulfillment of the feelings, and is the unique bond between the tangible and the intangible.

It is love that emanates from the union between thought and feelings in both sexes. Such love is the secret behind the illumination of the humane Intelligence, starting with equality and satisfaction and attaining the highest levels of particular and general comprehension. Knowing that the perseverance on refining the feelings and lifting its level of consciousness, beside adding to thought the precision of expression and honesty in actions and sharpness in observation. All these reinforce the relation between Intelligence and feelings through intuition, thus, leaving it alert at all times, and revealing to the feelings the mysteries ahead of time.

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