Lectures on the Esoteric – Part III

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-36-0

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The term “Esoteric” is equivalent to “human belonging” in the logical convention, inasmuch as it carries you deeply into the roots of man through the history of mankind. The distinctive quality of the Esoteric lies in its in-depth search to fathom what is latent and mysterious, and the importance of the Esoteric dwells in adopting what is obscure and veiled as its field of research and studies. For the visible and the unconcealed do not necessitate such a thorough investigation or deliberation except insofar as they lead to unveil the arcane, the unknown and the concealed.

Knowing that the truth resides in the invisible! And the Esoteric is constantly engaged in a deligent and passionate search for the truth, the truth of authentic knowledge, that knowledge which does not grow or increase, yet it is Man who undergoes development and matures therewith…

It is the knowledge that does not look back to lament what dropped out of it … because what abandons it does not radically belong to it. Authentic knowledge is the “Eve” of all times… that consistently seduces the seekers to reach the goal… because it did not exist but to be comprehended by Man, otherwise who else but him would comprehend it?!

After Part I and Part II of the “Lectures on the Esoteric”, this Part III proceeds in shedding light on the mysteries and secrets in Man and in life around him. This book is a bouquet of thirteen practical, workaday lectures which reveal humane truths from the heart of reality… meshing well with each other – in spite of the variety of their topics – since they are directly related to Man.

Because Man is their axis, consciousness is their aim, practical application is their basis and verification is their fruit! This is what the readers and affiliates to the Esoteric have experienced. Moreover this is what decidedly distinguishes the Esoteric from other schools of general knowledge… In brief, the Esoteric has proven to be the science of consciousness through practice… and the science of consciousness is the science of Man which is based on the technique of “know yourself”.

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