Dialogues Among Divine Beings

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-35-2

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This is the 33rd Book in the (Arabic) chain of the Esoteric Sciences. The contents of this book embody an exceptional avant-garde knowledge… It is revealed to the general public for the first time in the history of the Esoteric Sciences! We present it redolent with the aroma of the everlasting supreme knowledge, crowned with ageless wisdom. The sundry subjects herein emanate the fragrance of the Soul intertwined with the intrinsic flavor of Consciousness. The cornerstone of this unique book is the practical daily application which leads to verification.

“Dialogues Among Divine Beings” delves into the unknown inner depths of Man and the arcane mysteries of the universe, comparing between the knowledge of human beings and heavenly beings… also between life on earth and that in the metaphysical realms…the book discerns and segregates among the particular types of knowledge acquired here on earth and out in the Beyond.

In simple terms, the Esoterique transposes what is assumed “metaphysical” into tangible basis on earth, elucidating it in the logical trend of practical science, which conforms with the daily march of life. The adepts find this book rare and unprecedented in Arabic writings, not to say in any other tongue. Cultivated and diligent readers will be fascinated in perusing its chapters, whether for the benefit of its contents or for the mere interest of being au courant, not to mention the avid curiosity of seeking knowledge.

The DIALOGUES address, among other things, how fateful events interact in man’s life, whether on earth or beyond. These are insights of life in its concealed and mysterious aspects, which have always attracted seekers and researchers since the dawn of time… such subjects as the objective of creation, the enigmatic elucidation of Destiny, Fate, Time, Soul and Divine Justice!!!

The author discloses the hidden facts that dwell in the reader’s mind relating to his existence in the metaphysical dimensions as a Soul and layers of consciousness (vibrational constituents), and on earth in a physical body, Soul and layers of consciousness. “Dialogues Among Divine Beings ” focuses on the distinction between man’s existence in the world of matter, and that in the subtle immaterial one… Likewise, the difference between senses and feelings (on earth) and consciousness ( beyond the earth ).

The more one unfolds his consciousness on earth, the more he becomes aware of the mystery of his inner being… Therefore being on earth or in the metaphysical world makes no difference. It is true that great truths are only unveiled to those whose bliss has overmastered their sense of existence! Truly, so prodigious is Man that we wonder whether creation would have had a meaning without him!!! And, no matter to what level knowledge transcends, if it is not considered in an open mind, savored by logic and assimilated by perception, it will remain within the confines of endless debates, contradicting theories and controversial ideas. And this is not the case of the Esoterique which is based on realization.

 “Dialogues Among Divine Beings ” is constructive and beneficial. It is a breakthrough book that ought to be read and thoroughly studied.

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