Lectures on the Esoteric – Part IV

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-43-8

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“Lectures on the Esoteric – Part IV” is the title of the 39th book within the constellation of the ever expanding Esoteric Series written (in Arabic) by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM). It is also the 4th pitch in the spectrum of the “Lectures on the Esoteric” series. The book contains 112 pages of medium size and is published by Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut. The Esoteric proceeds in bringing out a new rainbow of lectures, diverse in topics and far reaching in the gist of their sundry themes.

The educated person, the cultured and the informed readers are all attracted by the subjects of this book, whether they are of intellectual background, cultural, scientific or artistic. This is why the Esoteric Sciences put in plain terms that the purpose of man’s existence is global evolution of inner consciousness in a comprehensive and all-embracing scope. The importance of these lectures lies in its elucidation of life’s reality in the light of the concealed knowledge (the area of expertise of the Esoteric Sciences).

The lectures unveil the hidden relation between matter and its subtle origin, shedding bright light on the secrets of life. All these aim to the benefit of the reader and the expansion of perceptions in practical and daily life affairs. Moreover, in the scientific topics, the Esoteric Sciences simplify the approach, channeling it in the practical and functional directions which enrich the thinking faculty with the logic of life and relate the happenings with each other. This is because the Esoteric Sciences teach us the concealed or unknown aspect in each science… as well as same in the human being.

The Esoteric Sciences provide the aspirant with teachings and instructions upon which he grows to be a scientist, a writer, an artist, plus his own physician at the same time. In a preliminary comparison between the sciences of matter and the global Esoteric Sciences, we realize that the Esoteric Sciences reflect upon the results while reverting to the primary causes to probe the sphere of their repercussions. If we consider the science of Biology for instance, we see the biologists studying the development of life and its evolution in the limited physical boundaries, while the Esoteric Science looks into life’s global evolution in its totality… The first explores the depth of the apparent development of life, while the second delves into the dimensions of life itself, or should we say, in the truth of life before its manifestation in its dimensions… This latter one enables the comprehension of life in its true meaning and facilitates perceiving the mechanism of development of its beings.

The results (the stages of life) suffice the academic sciences, while the Esoteric Science searches in the grounds behind the cause of the existence of life… which is the evolution in consciousness! From here came out the esoteric equation: The Science of Consciousness is the Science of Life, and the Science of Life is the Science of Consciousness! For life is consciousness, it is the focal point of consciousness which leads to initial motion. The purpose behind focusing the consciousness or “setting it in motion” is but EVOLUTION. This asserts that the purpose of life, alike the purpose of man, is the evolution in consciousness.

The evolution of the Self in the perception of all aspects of Life is one of the branches on the wide path of pre-eminence that the aspirant to the Esoteric Sciences learns to undergo with confidence and determination, with will and self-conviction to attain the ample span of consciousness which brings welfare and enjoyment of life. This is the approach of the Esoteric Sciences in the study of all things. For the “Esoteric” reverts to the origin, to the first beginning of all things, to the roots and cause of existence… In that, it encompasses all sides, reaching a true comprehension. For the Esoteric Science is the science of the principles and roots of all things… and the science of Man in the totality of his dimensions! This confirms the axiom: “firmness and steadfastness are qualities of time, whereas retardation and ignorance are attributes of human beings”.

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