A Journey within the Bosom of Truth

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-41-4

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The 38th book of the Esoteric series written by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM) immerses the reader into the bosom of truth, through a journey of 192 intriguing pages, illustrating an exceptional biography in a medium size book published by Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut. The various sundry subjects of the book grasp the attention of thought and emotion, prompting questions on its oozing gist: “What is the relation between silence and truth? Or what is the relation between truth and the Divine Order, organisation and sequence of life? Or what is the relation between truth and each of lucidity, faith, freedom, humane Love, consciousness, comprehension, happiness and all what one may encounter in the course of his work and occupation, with general and particular matters included, culminating to the question on the relation between humane truth and Divine Truth… where the first is best expressed in the Arabic language as the diminutive of the second.

However, the path of truth starts always from the reality, on the ground. For truth is the backbone of reality. Discovery, Ascertainment, Revelation and Exploration constitute the “DARE” of the “Journey WITHIN the BOSOM of Truth”. The book is based on a merely practical way of life, excluding any sophistries and misleading theorisation. It engages the reader in a contemplation of his responsibilities and duties, guiding him towards resolving and expediting matters, aiming to uplift the thinking faculty to high levels of superior intelligence. Expressing distinction in an explicit eloquence, the book is worthy of speculative and thoughtful study. It is therefore beyond the possible to synopsise it in abstracts… for it depicts a biography from the experiences that the subject has undergone himself.

The book is important in that it invites us to seek insight in simple issues of daily life that are normally overlooked. The Esoteric Sciences have persevered in its series of books to reach a profound comprehension of the outer and inner structure of man, both the material and subtle components to achieve harmony between the outer being and the prime inner being, where truth resides. “A JOURNEY WITHIN THE BOSOM OF TRUTH” boldly states that “truth is man and man is truth… and he who did not know the humane truth – the creature; shall not know the divine Truth – the Creator!”. Undoubtedly, “the righteous truth is so distant form the lived reality… and a far cry from perceptive senses!”. And…“No matter how expressions change, and specifications differ, truth remains one, constant, unchanged and unaltered by times. Because it dwells behind the curtains of time… not subject to any transformation since it also dwells behind the dimensions of space…

Truth is dormant in the depths of man, concealed behind the order that governs time, space and the boundaries of matter”. It only exists to be awakened, activated and unfolded in the span of life. The Esoterique simplifies the concept of truth, elucidating that truth is the quintessence latent in all things: Of earth, truth is the origin of its reality. Of thought, it is the base of its logic. Of feelings, it is their sincerity. Of senses, it is their interactions with reality. Truth is wisdom in the world of words; and Love in the realm of the heart. It is loyalty in love and in dealing with others, extending to countless benign values that reinforce the consciousness of the humane in man. And when the mind undergoes the “alchemical fermentation” with the consciousness of truth, one reaches his inner truth and oversees the truth of existence… to find that it is a reflection of his inner truth. Why, then, does truth vary in the conceptions of human beings?

The book answers: “… Since man took the body as a physical mantle, following his emanation as a soul-ray of the light of truth, he deemed that his ray (soul) distinguishes him from others… Thus, his ray became his sun in his sight, creating for each person a truth of his own, which applies to the old saying: “The mirror of truth shattered into pieces, each picked up a shard and believed he held the truth!”. Henceforth, the faces of truth became manifold like the multiple facets of a jewel. But the quintessence remained one. It was clothed with various masks, which made man believe that truth has a multitude of substances. Thus each person was keen to defend his truth and expose it, the result of which was the amalgamation of truth and reality, leading to the fusion of truth and reality! For the mysterious secret lies in the bond between both, lies in the mind which relates reality to truth; noting that what relates the physical body to the soul are the subtle vehicles or sheaths of consciousness (the inner dimensions) that constitute the human being”.

Truth is one and constant, even if its mantles are varied. For truth, unlike what people believe, is not physical – not at all tangible. But the state or act of becoming conscious thereof is what varies in the intellect of the human beings, depending on the reality of time and space, and the level of the general and particular notion. Is truth so complicated to the extent of incapacity… or is it so explicit to the extent of innocence? The Esoterique answers: “Make a way into your inner self with lucidity, you will find truth residing in bliss and splendour… The truth of all what may engage the thought”. However, this thought-provoking book states that “To believe or not is a personal issue, but to make a judgement on matters that lie beyond our knowledge is ignorance, and ignorance is the worst non-experience in man’s life!”.

The novelty of the book stems from its inauguration of a breakthrough in the horizons of superior thought and conscious thinking in the essentials of living to the minute details. Because its contents show the reader the most successful means to apply truth on himself in practice, not in words… Whereby, the importance of the Esoteric Sciences lies in its golden rule: PRACTICAL APPLICATION that leads to verification and ascertainment. And applying logic to thought first, facilitates the practical application in the march of life, enabling one to verify the results himself.

It is worth quoting the eloquent expression at the closure of the “JOURNEY WITHIN THE BOSOM OF TRUTH”: “The knowledge of the truth is what emancipates man from the bond of time!”.

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