The Esoteric Method

“The best and the most important science of all is that which can be applied practically, and which, through this practical application, will lead man to development. There is no use for any science or philosophy which is based only on theories, and does not, through application, further the inner development of man”. This is an old saying attributed to one of the sages of old. It sums up the Esoteric method which is based on practical application or, precisely, is the practical application of the principles and the knowledge that lead man to self development and expansion of consciousness.
Although the Esoteric method is based on general Laws and principles, it is optional and not restricted or narrowly defined. The individual can draw the plan he wants and follow the method he chooses. The only requirement is that he adheres to the basic principles and laws of the Esoteric Path. These can be summed up in three words:
If we are to analyze or rather dissect these three principles, we shall discover that they branch out and are integrated to encompass everything in human life. Through them man is perfected, or becomes whole.
In as much as he applies these teachings, his consciousness will unfold and expand. The Esoteric method is a practical and applicable way of life (modus operandi); it is wholesome and complete.