The Esoteric Objective

Based on the previous chapters, we can detect that the Esoteric Science’s supreme aim is none other than the enlightenment and the development of man. Its motivating force is the love of man for his fellow-men; its purpose is carrying out the Divine Plan. When Earth will have completed its mission, man who has not reached to the wholeness of consciousness will be transferred to a new planet to receive intensive instructions in self-knowledge. The manner of that future instruction will be different. It will be strict… as man will not have the freedom of choice (free will) he has here and now! The study of the Esoteric Science will thus be obligatory; and because he misused his free will, no wonder if his life will be fraught with pain and suffering.
The aim of the Esoteric Science is, again and again, conducting man to self-consciousness, which is the real knowledge of the Truth of everything.
Obviously, this is why the Esoteric Science has persevered and continued to develop and to spread. It has permeated every field and sector from the atom as the smallest entity, to the cosmos as the largest… and will continue to spread until man attains the full knowledge of the self. (self-realization)
Then, and only then, the Esoteric Science will have served its purpose and fulfilled its mission — Consciousness in Evolution and Evolution in Consciousness!