A Man’s Memoirs – An Unveiling of Life’s Secrets and Riddles

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-27-1

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 The book expounds the preliminary riddles of life, stressing the fact that coincidence is not a factor in the law of life, neither is luck nor even talent. For, all we experience of pleasure and happiness, misery and suffering are effects of causes inherent in the depths of every human being. The book presents a man’s memoirs, a true story that seems a fantasy read only in works of fiction, or maybe seen in dreams and raises the question of whether life or reality is a conscious dream or whether the opposite is true.

The significance of the memoirs rests in the man’s self-criticism and his open-mindedness in relation to newly acquired knowledge of seemingly mysterious facts of life. The book reveals the secret of the role of Love in unfolding the wisdom hidden in the core of every man. The moral of the story will definitely benefit all its readers, especially those of the rising generation, the students of schools and universities.

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