My Story With Science

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-52-0

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“MY STORY WITH SCIENCE” is the title of the 42nd publication within the Arabic series of the Esoteric Sciences – the Sciences of the Inner Man, composed by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM). It comprises 208 medium-sized pages and is published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge in Beirut.

The Esoteric Science has addressed each and every aspect of the human being, featuring the mysterious inner side of man. In this latest publication, it presents in a narrative style, a live comparison between the academic or empirical science, which deals with the tangible observation of the senses, and the Esoteric Science – the practical science of perfected living.

The book relates the autobiography of a doctor who spent 30 years teaching and practicing, delving deep in research and exploration of sundry fields of science, where he achieved remarkable success and professional distinction which gave him the impression that he had attained the peak of academic knowledge in his field of expertise.

However, when he distanced himself from speculation yielded by theorisation and started a quest in-depth in the domain of practical implementation, he acknowledged, alike many of his predecessors, the presence of a “missing link” that relates the invisible inner realm to the visible physical world. After long years of painstaking dilemma and tedious exertion, he found the “missing link” in the sciences of the inner man – the Esoteric. In only three years of intensive research and practical Esoteric studies, he was able to attain what he could not achieve throughout the past thirty years, and his comparative testimonial bears witness to his words.

In line with the shining truth that says: “Science does not evolve itself, but develops the means by which it discovers knowledge”… thus, in a simplified awe-inspiring narration, “My Story With Science” reveals answers to questions that have bewildered the medical sector; questions on illness and health, enquiries in neuroscience, hereditary and genetic science. It fathoms as well the mysterious nature of the relationship connecting the self to the mind and body, and elucidating the effect of each on the other and the role of consciousness associated therewith. All that is presented by this book in the scientific logic, compatible with workaday living and supported by supreme Logic, the Logic of the inner world, the Logic of Truth and concealed knowledge…

“My Story With Science” is a humane novel, revealing the cause behind the shortfall of academic sciences in finding answers to questions that have always perplexed the researchers, despite the deep scientific investigation and advanced instrumental technologies of our day.

This is due to the fact that the empirical sciences continue to search in the outer crust – the physical body, away from the core, the inner dimensions. Usually, the empirical sciences accept only what is tangible and observable by the senses, in spite of the emergence of numerous mysterious phenomena all over the world such as telepathy, intuition, premonition, visions and others… The main cause lies in the reluctance of Science to recognize the esoteric truths latent in each person, although these constitute the essence and the infrastructural backbone behind the constitution of the physical body. For the mysteries which have defied science are concealed in that latent inner part.

Until the empirical science acknowledges these facts with recognition and gratitude to the inner subtle dimensions, its pace will remain slow and unbalanced, subject to further exploration… Remote from the essence and true causes, and distant from authentic knowledge, i.e. lacking in-depth exploration, such science is distant from itself. As such, where would it stand in relation to deep truths?!

The mundane scientific laboratory cannot bear out the subtle inner dimensions – the esoteric realm in man, for the subtle vibration cannot be sensed with physical instruments!!! For example, the process of Electricity is of a vibratory nature working through the lamp where one sees the ensuing light, the same way as the inner vibrational bodies act through the physical body and man perceives their interactions through the senses and through mental and emotional expressions. Thus, can we actually see or detect electricity if we dissected a light bulb or a lamp? How can we understand the inner dimension in man through dissecting the outer physical body? Hence, the book explains the nature of “Esoteric Technology” (termed as Esoterology), which will allow the academic empirical sciences to verify non-physical matters by means of scientific logic.

“My Story With Science”, in the first half of the book, is the story of every scientist who searched, suffered and explored deeply; while in its second half, it is the story of every scientist who learnt, inquired and was guided, until he finally attained the light of truth which dispels all darkness. It is the knowledge that quenches the thirst of every sound intellect and fills the gaps left by “missing links” and by questions left unanswered within the data banks and encyclopedias of academic sciences.

The intellect is elated with every page of “My Story With Science”, where the narration is interspersed by a practical logic, balancing between the invisible-inner and the visible-outer, in fluent diction and simplified eloquence. For the Esoteric does not reject, criticize or contradict, but presents the authentic path of knowledge, which all great men have undertaken.

The book “My Story With Science”, sharpens the intellect and expands consciousness to its utmost… for it presents raw knowledge which was confined to the elite in the past. And hence the reader will realize with certainty that the promising future of science will not tolerate the ambiguous, equivocal, or unknown. And even man must no more accept answers that often act as a tranquiliser or anaesthetic, for questions are congesting the mind whilst pleading for answers… The reader will also realize that there is no such thing as chance or luck or randomness in the order of life. He will rather learn with certainty, as he delves deep and evolves in consciousness, how “events are engineered!!!…”.

It is beneficial to keep in mind what Einstein had stated once “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science”. The Esoteric Science provides a practical and genuine methodology to realize that intriguing experience in unveiling the mysterious. Moreover, to benefit in daily life from the knowledge revealed therefrom.

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