A Woman of the Future

Haifa El Arab

ISBN 978-9953-405-56-8

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It is the title of the sixth publication within the Arabic series of books written by the Students of the Esoteric Sciences – the Sciences of the Inner Man – as experienced by them. The book is a true story written by Architect Haifa El Arab in 224 pages of medium size and published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut.

We are accustomed to read that men write about women, but the (lady) author wanted to surpass the traditions, illustrating through her unprecedented novel a woman’s perspective of man’s inner realm, woven with its concordant and conflicting relations with women, in love affairs and marriage, starting from the principle of elevating one’s personal consciousness and concurrently elevating the consciousness of both partners of life. Thus, “A WOMAN OF THE FUTURE” was written, in a stimulating narrative style, to spotlight the woman’s role in love as a primary partner beside her man.

The author addresses several questions: Do the roles played in love by women differ from those played by men?! Is it possible for love to last as a passionate love affair in spite of ageing? And is success in love a responsibility incumbent on the woman or on the man?

Then she tackles these questions based on the concept of conscious love as explained broadly by the Esoteric Sciences, elucidating that “love is a state of psychological partnership, a moral one, physically-intimate and lifelike-practical, between both poles of existence. As the human psyche blows hot and cold in daily life due to its conflicts and inner transformations, so does the partnership between two lovers. In the light of this reality, what remain stable are the will to participate and the will to love, which grow with the development of good intentions and the revival of inner purity in warm acts and positive behaviour with the people at large. Therefore, both sexes are jointly and equally responsible in love as well as in achieving effective consciousness in life, towards raising of children.

The two protagonists of “A WOMAN OF THE FUTURE” are a man who got sick at last of love affairs, and remains suffering in loneliness despite having all what he wished for in life… and on the other side an exceptional woman who has all what this man lacks, in terms of psychological stability and mental-emotional balance… here they face each other at opposite sides.

The man is a gynaecologist, excelling in his specialization, yet always looking for fleeting relationships, avoiding commitment and marriage.

She is an advanced aspirant on the path of consciousness (the Esoteric mode), struggling for the sake of accomplishing love after she has realized its importance in achieving balance psychologically, mentally and emotionally on the path of consciousness.

Accordingly, the novel “A WOMAN OF THE FUTURE” depicts the personality of a woman who is conscious of her destiny and able to choose her role beside her beloved. She is one who is able to carry her lover to the high strata of conscious love, based on the harmony of thoughts and emotions between them.

This exceptional woman realizes how to balance between seriousness and romance in a feminine mode that exudes radiant humane intelligence, with regard to “a conscious woman educes means of dialogue with her beloved, putting, as her priority goal, her reunion with him (psychologically and physically), striving for it seriously, consistently and with adamant will, while maintaining love aflame, enkindling it passionately with finesse and femininity, and endeavouring at the same time and whenever necessary, to raise the level of communication with her beloved.”

“A WOMAN OF THE FUTURE” proceeds from the sufferings of the human self in our current times and casts light on the gap that extends between the majority of the two sexes in private and public matters. She lays out a “road map” for the future of the sought-after love, and the future of the partnership between both sexes, in the light of a love-conscious of its goal. For only such love is able to elevate the self to overcome its tribulations based on the stark truth that the forthcoming future is that of true love, and that love is a humane partnership in experiencing the development of consciousness between the twin polarities of life.

Does “A WOMAN OF THE FUTURE” vivify the hope of the grace of love that both sexes strive for? And how? This is what the book explains with eloquent simplicity, clear-cut diction and pictorial figures of speech…

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