Time and its Unknown dimensions

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-44-5

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Within the ever expanding Esoteric series comes the fortieth Arabic book entitled “TIME AND ITS UNKNOWN DIMENSIONS (THROUGH THE ESOTERIC PERSPECTIVE)”, written (In Arabic) by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM). This book comprises 80 medium sized pages and is published by the Friends of the Society of the White Knowledge in Beirut. It has become certain to many readers that the fountain of the Esoteric knowledge is ever flowing, with a novelty gained from probing and delving in all that is unknown, connecting the outer with the inner to enrich Man’s life, thus revealing the invisible unknown in a workable logic linking reality with the eternal truth.

A lot has been written about Time. It has been speculated, philosophised and debated; moreover, Einstein’s theory of Relativity was studied and taught. However it does not seem that anyone looked at Time in its spatial dimensions, not to say in its absolute existence. Therefrom, to what extent has this book succeeded in unveiling the mysteries?

The truths of “Time and its Unknown dimensions” fathom out mysteries and secrets that surround the element of Time from the initial stages of its existence, elucidating that “the Universal Mind made-up the Element of Time to embrace the consciousness of the infantile humanity during its formative years. Because the existence of Space and Time is aimed for perfecting the state of consciousness in Man”. The quality of the Esoteric Science is that it goes back in every research, to the unknown origins, in quests and inquiries that use scientific logic synchronized with everyday life logic which delves in the dimensions of Time, and explaining it with illustrations.

Finally, it presents its brilliant findings as an appetizing mental plate, enjoyed by every reader in his workaday life. The mind is uplifted when it hears the eloquence of the following quote from the book “Time and its Unknown dimensions”: “Time is the reflection of an instant of eternity in the process of creation. This instant coalesced as a point in space and became a spatial moment, in what is known as the No-Time (Timelessness) – the eternal Absolute.” This book answers the questions that have always pressed the human intellect: “what is the concept of the “No-Beginning” (Begininglessness) and “No-End” (Endlessness) in the unity of Time? What is the concept of time units outside the sphere of the Earth? Why is Time divided (In Past-Present- Future… and then in seconds, minutes, hours, etc.)?” and the book continues “the past has not passed, the future is not coming, and the present is not the instant that divides the two… because all three are complementary in unified Time.”

The book also asks: “are the adopted time scales accurate? What about the Atomic Clock? How is wasted time redistributed? Who overcomes time and who lets time overcome him?” The book, “Time and its Unknown dimensions” explains also that “Time is the law of chronology in practical terms… for after the stage of mastering chronological time, comes the stage of overcoming Time!” The nature of Time is based on the sequence of mental imagery which is projected on the screen of consciousness, whether the images are sequenced via bodily senses or through the inner (esoteric) senses. And if it were not for this sequence of mental images, there have been no sensing of time.

The intellect is the instrument of consciousness. The sensory perception of apparent occurrences is the result of impressions created in consciousness by the action of the sequence of mental images. The recurrence of mental images determines the duration of the phenomena that we call Time. Knowingly, wherever there is motion, Time is involved. Motion is measured by the scientifically adopted unit of time called the “second”. And whenever there is change, there ought to be Time. And so there is no other way to sense time but through changes in our surroundings, and there is no way to become aware of the secrets of Time and its effects but through becoming conscious of the inner realms of our psyche. It is true that Time is a rhythmic movement in Space… however, the rule which stipulates that this rhythm contains a specific measure of time dependent on a mathematical relationship between different rhythms and time scales, does not apply even to planet Earth! This is not because the “second” as a unit of measurement is not accurate enough, but because physical measurements cannot measure subtle dimensions in space, as the following Quranic verse infers: “A Day with Allah is as a thousand years of what ye reckon”.

Space and Time form the strongest base in the duality of the existence of planet Earth. This duality is the fabric and fibre net upon which are weaved the essences of phenomena and outward manifestations by and large, and this duality is also the cause thereof. Additionally, Time is the dynamic factor for this duality, whilst Space is its static state. Moreover, the mechanism of phenomena is based on the alternation and undulation of Time and Space, and which cannot be conceived unless one’s consciousness overcomes this mechanism, traversing the scope of mind and phenomena to the world of the bare truth! Until then, the “point of space” and the “instant of time” remain two primary cosmic units that put into action the rotation mechanism of planet Earth.

We can say that the element of Time is a state of consciousness alternating between reality and illusion. Reality is what consciousness moves towards – either through meditation, visions or dreams… and anything other than that reality, even for a fleeting instance, becomes an illusion in the view of consciousness. This is what makes illusion a reality when our consciousness moves towards it, while the reality where consciousness was previously, becomes an illusion! This alternating state resembles one who sits in the sun (reality) and sees his shadow as an illusion in front of him. Then after a while he switches his position to where his shadow was, and his shadow appears where there was sunlight before.

Based on this alternating state, consciousness unfolds, deepens, elevates and expands through life’s trials and the gain of experiences until Man attains Light without shadow… the mere uncovered truth, and he sees its essence or duality – reality and illusion – as a memory in his awareness, without which he would not have achieved his goal. In the light of what has been presented, can we deduce cautiously, that outside our sphere of consciousness, there is no such Time as we know it? Because when the mental images disappear from the mind itself, Space and Time cease to be, and the secret is revealed… there only remains the Truth, the truth of consciousness, thus one is being conscious of the Truth! Truth does not change and is not replaced. For Truth is not subject to time and is outside the orbit of the action of Time.

On another front, have we ever asked why has astronomy taken such an important spot during the civilisations of Babylon and Ancient Egypt? What is the role of crystals in bringing close together the different time dimensions latent in the subconscious? Will the future witness the discovery of the “Time Manuscript”… followed by the discovery of other manuscripts related to the technology of time measurement in its dimensions?! What about the Time instrument in the flow of instants, which is a machine with crystals in its components?! These are some of the questions that are answered by this book, with ample scientific explanations. Finally, the book “Time and its Unknown dimensions” reveals a vivid picture through sensory expression of how life applies practical implementation on itself !!!

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