Time, Relativity and The Esoteric

Ziad Daccache

ISBN 978-9953-405-38-7

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Time, Relativity and the Esoteric – The Esoteric Concept of Time Compared to Philosophy and Physics”  is the title of the Esoteric Book, written by Ziad Daccache, in 111 pages (medium size) and published by Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut, Lebanon. What is the cause behind the emergence of Time? How is Time related to Man? And other questions are answered by the book, to commemorate one hundred years of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, and to disclose at few steps before the doorway of the Aquarian Age new findings related to Time, Relativity and their relation with the esoteric dimensions in Man and in the universe around him. After Einstein brought forward that Time and Space are not fixed but vary relatively with the speed of light, the book “Time, Relativity and the Esoteric” adds a new equation, that neither time nor space change if it wasn’t for the observer witnessing such a change and interacting therewith.

Accordingly, it is the relativistic perception of that observer that is changing depending on the level of his interaction and consciousness. Therefore, temporal and spatial dimensions cannot be considered independently from such an observer and his inner dimensions of consciousness. The book “Time, Relativity and the Esoteric” elucidates how the effect of time in the boundaries of the physical body is different than that in the more subtle dimensions of the human being, such as the dimension of feelings (astral layer of consciousness) and the realm of the Mind (mental layer of consciousness)… This is experienced by the students and adepts of the Esoteric Sciences in meditation techniques as well as in practical daily life.

Therefore, the phenomenon of the “slowing-up of time” or “time dilatation” in dreams and deep meditation which is explained in the book seems more logical, verified and realistic than the fantasy of the “slowing-up of time” in a rocket that travels faster than the speed of light!!!… The conclusions and findings that the author presents on the subject of Time are inspired from the constellation of Esoteric books and teachings (by JBM). The book sheds light on the nature and structure of Time and brings to light the definition of the “Past”, “Present” and “Future” and their relation with the Subconscious domain, Outer Consciousness and Unconsciousness in the human being.

The book unveils the secret behind the legend of “Time Travel”, and explains how the stream of Time flows from the Mind under the control of the Higher Self, the True self in man. This is supported by the fact that the mechanism of the Mind is responsible for the unfolding of the dormant vibrations (energy) of the Unconsciousness (the Original – the Future) through experience in the Outer Consciousness (the Present), and the outcome of the experience is recorded in the Subconscious (the Acquired – the Past). Attempting to comprehend the concept of Time with no relation to the mind, is like trying to conceive nature’s four seasons with no relation to the sun, or to understand the physical body’s mechanism with no relation to the heart.

The book “Time, Relativity and the Esoteric” reveals that the speed of photonic light – considered as the ultimate speed by Einstein (300,000 km/s approximately) – is neither fixed nor absolute but is merely the speed of the physical (photonic) component of Light. Adding that there are other intangible components and reflections of Light in other subtle dimensions of the universe, that are faster than the speed of the photonic light considered by Einstein.

The book guides the researchers and readers to the essence of matter – the vibration, by means of describing its materialization in crystals. Such guidance is aimed also to give an insight into the materialization of mental images and vibrations in the Space-Time continuum of the Crystal of Existence!!!

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