Intuitional Intimations – Inspired by the Esoteric

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-39-5

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“Intuitional Intimations” is the title of the 36th book within the (Arabic) gamut of the Esoteric Sciences, written by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM), in 96 pages, medium size and published (in Arabic) by Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut. The book elucidates the differentiation between conscience and “intuitional intimation”… where the first is an internal voice, whereas the second is not always as such, setting up a large demarcation line between the two voices in terms of their attributes.

The book emphasizes on the necessity and importance of realizing the significance of the term “intuitional intimation”… For faith is a state of intuitional intimation, also emotions, ambition and the act of pondering upon the meaning of life and the existence of the universe… all are states of intuitional intimation… including inspiration as a level of intuitional intimation… Noting that all the inner waves which overwhelm one’s thoughts and emotions – especially in retreating to the tranquility of nature – are also states of intuitional intimation.

Intuitional intimation is, simply, ideas perceived by intuition. The distinctive quality of the book lies in the profundity of the objective logic, in the sheer precision of description and the mildness of it’s “making of”… when treating and analyzing the subject matter as ideas perceived by intuition. It explains first how intuitional intimation is esoteric in its origin and intellectual in its interaction with the data extracted from the inner archive veiled deep within every man…

Between thought and intuitional intimation, lies the concealed knowledge and the dormant essence, representing the truth which the intellect has been continuously tackling in the ideas perceived by intuition, aiming at unveiling the mysteries of life and at exploring the secret of ingenuity in every task. On the other hand, the book goes into the beauty of thought that infuses the eloquence of speech with the elegance of expression and the brilliancy of thinking… the free thought that emanates from the core of the lower self and Higher Self, and expands outside. It is the objective thought which is distant from the ego’s tendencies, especially when it practices the art of modesty as a hobby and vocation!!!

This thought is able to depart from tangible matter to what is beyond, through its dual interaction with mundane reasoning and supreme logic. Here, intuitional intimation constitutes one of the states of thought in its interaction between the lower self and the Higher Self, since the raising of consciousness is based first on the raising of thought. Thus the “Intuitional Intimations” of the book are but “nosegays of consciousness” on the path! On the other hand, the book “Intuitional Intimations” discloses overtly the truth of ideas perceived by intuition, which is, like inspiration, a level on the echelon of esoteric faculties. Much as the distinction between the two becomes evident since the messages of inspiration are relevant to the person concerned, whereas the messages of the intuitional intimation pertain to humanity at large.

The enticing in the book is that it leads us to stand face-to-face with our inner selves! By only contemplating in its revelations, we realize the unlimited possibilities in the human being. The freedom of this being necessitates that he lives in a continuous extension to all stages of his existence, between the outer world and the inner one, between the attractions of knowledge and the unveilings of the intuitional intimation… as appreciated by the open and developed intellect. For knowledge is a truth and the intuitional intimation is an adoration thereof. Knowledge is perfection and the intuitional intimation is an affection for it…

The intuitional intimation transforms the idea into knowledge, thus into practice. And when the intuitional intimation presents the concept of Beauty in the Absolute, and the concept of Perfection in the Relative, it reaches its highest levels! What is existence, light, the universe, life, nature, perfection and… the dimensions?! These are the topics treated in the book, elaborating on the role of “all” in daily life, and the role of “all” in their relation to their axis– MAN.

In the tenderness of brevity and in the simplicity of narration and association, the chapters of the book exhibit its contents in scattered excerpts, accurately drawn, and far reaching in purpose and structure… shedding light on the hidden secrets in a simplicity that underpins refinement. Because the simplicity of truth is generally rejected by the thought for its simplicity. Had thought discerned it amply, would have found it lucid and shining like a crystal, and revealing like the limpidness of waters in the depths of the sea.

The book “Intuitional Intimations” is a present to every person who aspires to humanity’s rhythm of consciousness and perception… Since “Intuitional Intimations” focuses on thought, deepens it, enforces the positive personality and widens the extent of its freedom… which corresponds to the genuine meaning of humanity… humanity that analyses the truth underlying every earthly reality, to feed the thought and the imagination which contributes to the ingenuity and insight into life.

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