The Esoteric And Metaphysics

In the distant past there were no specialized fields of knowledge; physics, chemistry, psychology, medicine, atomic sciences, astronomy etc… etc… did not exist in their present independent forms. The curriculum of the ancient schools did not allow for studying medicine, for example, without architecture or astronomy aside from the science of health vibrations. They taught the “Science of man” (the Esoteric), a unified science which included the knowledge of all sciences!
With time the physical sciences gained momentum, and the metaphysical were pushed into the background. This retarded the development of consciousness, and man lost track of the perfect path. As a result, most of men’s brain cells sank into sleep or stopped functioning, that is, they became unconscious… and the passage ways to deeper consciousness were thus blocked.
Consequently, the capacity of the human being to grasp and comprehend the ancient Science of Man (as a whole) was greatly impoverished. To help him out, a new method was introduced. Man was to study one or two different sciences each time he reincarnated. In this way his consciousness would eventually unfold leading him step by step and preparing him to comprehend the (whole) “Science of Man”. Only then would all his brain cells unfold… and man would become whole, or one mass of active consciousness — as the Esoteric aspires mankind to be.