The Esoteric Versus Parapsychology

Parapsychology and the Esoteric are not related to each other as is sometimes held. They may have certain common grounds, but in many respects they are quite different.
Parapsychology is only an attempt on the part of some psychologists to go beyond the self of man, to shed light on the mysterious unknown powers within.
Parapsychology is a lop-sided science; it concerns itself with only a part of the humane dimension and does not even cover that part fully. It does not know yet how the psychic powers function in man. It merely acknowledges their manifestation.
The Esoteric Science is a comprehensive science; it starts from the humane dimension (after covering the physical) and proceeds toward the spiritual. Evolution in consciousness is the aim of the Esoteric man who is constantly seeking a more developed life.
The thoughtful human being will easily distinguish the differences between the Esoteric and parapsychology even before he experiences the “Esoteric Path”.