Beauty… Flashes and Secrets

Lubna Nuwayhid & Rania Kafrouni Farah

ISBN 978-9953-405-63-6

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“Beauty… Flashes & Secrets” is the recently published new book among the constellation of the Esoteric series by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge in Beirut. The book enfolds 160 medium sized pages and is co-authored by two ladies: Ms. Lubna Nuwayhid and Dr. Rania Kafrouni Farah. It is worth noting that the Esoteric books series, which tackles the various humane, scientific, and workaday practical fields, has expanded, to date, to 60 books in Arabic and 4 books in English, and many of these have been translated to other languages including French, Spanish and Bulgarian… This series is considered by far as the longest Arabic series homogeneously dealing with the Human Being as a subject, concerning his hidden aspects rather than the apparent ones.

The book “Beauty… Flashes & Secrets” describes the history of Beauty as unveiled by the Esoteric Sciences. It also identifies the types of Beauty, namely the innate beauty, the natural beauty, and the supreme beauty, to provide the standards for the innate beauty of man and woman. The book thoroughly explains how beauty evolves with every pulsation of consciousness from natural beauty to innate beauty, to supreme beauty, and so on and so forth…

The book also reveals practical methods that both man and woman can use to preserve their inner beauty and enhance their outer appearance. It also presents the rare advice of the Esoteric specialists in Aesthetics about natural Kalology of which few people know… For this book is today’s guide for both sexes, a guide that studies beauty and how to apply Aesthetics with no cost or burdens. Since the secret in beauty is simplicity, away from sophistication and exaggeration. And to achieve this, the book offers a practical technique divided into two sections: the first is outer esthetics and the second is inner beauty. The first deals with applying physical materialistic guidance to aid the woman in preserving her apparent beauty, and the second is concerned with raising the level of consciousness of both sexes, especially the fair sex in achieving the inner warmth and compassion as well as the subtle femininity, which reflects in ladylike manners with others, and mostly with her partner… all in line with acquiring refined feelings and activating lucidity in the self.

The book “Beauty… Flashes & Secrets” sheds light on the relation of the Science of Vibrations and the Science of Numbers with inner and outer beauty, explaining it in an artistic, scientific, and precise manner. The book also elucidates the reasons why the body muscles and skin become rigid or sagging. It also shows the truth of beauty as an act of production and formation… based on the fact that the cornerstone of beauty is the beauty of the personality, and not only the proportionate dimensions of the body, since “Beauty of the personality is a mirror of inner beauty which also reflects in dynamism, vivacity and attractiveness

The book delves in the various types of human beauty, since man is the focal point of life. He is the polar star which revolves in the orbit of consciousness sailing through the oceans of existence and cosmoses. This is why, according to the book, the truth of beauty associates with consciousness which is the purpose of the creation of man. The closer one gets to the truth of his inner being, the more he elevates in consciousness and the more his inner and outer beauty glow simultaneously. For beauty is a supreme humane state, which is directly related to the level of the individual consciousness, as well as to the role of the affection of love in elevating the latter to awaken revived levels of beauty. Since “the absence of conscious love which is based on harmony between the two sexes at the mental and emotional levels, and the lack of participation and equality in the particulars of common life, cause emotional instability, immaturity, and imbalance in the inner being. Thus man and woman turn into bodies without souls… bodies that lack inner illumination and outer glow.

For this reason, the book “Beauty… Flashes & Secrets” contained a set of questions and answers on love, marriage, giving birth, and raising children… all aiming to enforce the principle of harmony and accord between the two sexes so that their relation is crowned with conscious love… As such, the inner beauty of man and woman will glow in a vibrant inner illumination and a physical vivacity pulsating with life…

In lights of the types of beauty and its standards addressed in the book, the reader is able to revise his personal understanding. He will then realize what was previously hidden about the truth of beauty manifested on Earth.

And here we give way for the reader, to enjoy reading this book.

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