Meditation and Contemplation (Arabic Edition)

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN: 978-9953-405-60-5

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“MEDITATION AND CONTEMPLATION” is the forty fifth star within the constellation of the esoteric publications in Arabic and English. All written by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM) and published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut. It was previously published in English by the same author, and it expands in 156 medium-sized pages.
“MEDITATION AND CONTEMPLATION” unfolds the inner technique in two parts: Meditation in the first one; and Contemplation, the second. Both parts represent a way for inner growth and self-development through enhancement of consciousness, the analysis of consciousness, and the interpretation of consciousness. For consciousness is vibratory in nature, it acts, reacts and interacts with other sympathetic vibrations, creating a harmonious state of awareness on any level… depending on the state and the intention of the individual concerned.

MEDITATION AND CONTEMPLATION explains that in esoteric practices, meditation is incomplete without contemplation, and contemplation is void without meditation, contemplation being the analysis and interpretation of whatever one has arrived at through meditation. The reader will find in the book the technique of contemplation and guidelines on how to be highly receptive and hypersensitive to vibratory impressions and cosmic impulses.
This may explain why the results of meditation are as infinite as the process of the division of cells! Meditation is too vast a term to be confined in a volume. It includes countless facets of meaning, some of which may be far-fetched to the uninitiated; yet, the book addresses all levels in simple terms, proving that meditation is a primary goal for those who seek self-development, which it describes as the inner search for knowledge, the tapping on the door of self to reach beyond the self… while delving in higher meditation is immersing in the unknown to make it known.
The book explains the proper art of knowing how to be alertly tranquil which; as such, is an inlet to the science of consciousness; for, meditation is the infrastructure of the Esoteric Sciences, as well as the cornerstone of any occult or mystical work.
What is exceptional in this book is its vast scope, addressing all types of seekers, whether they are aspiring to inner peace and spiritual nourishment, or anticipating to inspire answers to their questions through meditation, or seeking to be enlightened with new ideas, or to be imbued with occult powers through intense vibrations, or acquire thought transference, clairvoyance or other psychic abilities known as extra sensory perception…
The book gives important hints on the subjects of the Mantras and the Chakras, to direct the aspirant along the meditative way. It elaborates on the preparatory stages, the regalia of meditation and its modus vivendi and modus operandi… giving a systematic procedure to follow, and offering a wide variety of meditational exercises and techniques.
A section is dedicated to explain the role of the Instructor who will guide the explorations and supervise the inner development. Also, “MEDITATION AND CONTEMPLATION” explains how during advanced stages, the instructor will enlighten the aspirant on how to awaken the dormant psychic powers within, how to direct them mentally by conveying “intuitive ideas”… by achieving “invisible contact”… by practicing “distant healing”… by rendering “unseen assistance”, in addition to “astral trips”… plus several other remarkable achievements. All this is done without the least interference with the daily business affairs. Not to mention that the practice of meditation would lead to success in business affairs.
The book enlightens the readers in its thought-provoking explanations and examples on what true spiritual adepts can achieve by means of professional meditation. It imparts the sacred knowledge which the spiritual masters have taught for centuries about thought transference, telepathy, paranormal healing, revelations of former lives, reading “invisible” sheets and manuscripts, access to the Akashic Records or Cosmic Chronicles, manifestation in two places simultaneously, communication with the immaterial planes, Prana nourishment, Samadhi, Nirvana and other attainments through supreme stages of meditation.
It is clearly noted that the author has mastered the art of discerning between intelligence and intellect, the inductive and the analytical, the esoteric and the mental, the impressions of consciousness and the interpretation thereof, and between the meditational throbbing and the thoughts produced by contemplation; yet, harmonising these dualities in one unified process of inner development and growth of the being, encompassing all facets of life.
Additionally, the book is so instructive and comprehensible that one would find himself urged by a desire to make the twin-fold esoteric science of meditation and contemplation part of his daily life.
It goes without saying that this comprehensive manual has become an object of study by scientists, brain researchers and spiritual teachers and yoga schools to develop their groundbreaking techniques. At the same time it is a perfect reference companion for the aspirant who simply seeks to develop the art of meditation.
Fasten your seat-belts, this book in itself is sufficient to elevate you to great heights…

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