Nada Shehadeh Mouawad

ISBN 978-9953-405-64-6

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“SAMA-NAGHAM-WĀRD” is the title of the recently published Arabic novel written by the Architect “Nada Shehadeh Mouawad”, within the Esoteric Sciences Series. It enfolds 112 medium-sized pages, and is published by the Society of Friends of the White knowledge, Beirut.

This novel narrates the story of three girls who embraced the Path of self-realization, the Esoteric Sciences Path, however, their development was not up to the required level, so the Master decided to grant them a last chance to accelerate their progress and deepen their knowledge. He thus referred them to an advanced Esoteric student who assumed responsibility of guiding them to identify their pitfalls on the Path of Consciousness. Consequent events were not short of surprises…

The names of the three heroine girls are: Sama (Sky), Nagham (Tune), and Wārd (Rose); each one of them adorns a different set of qualities and characteristics, not only because of their different backgrounds and experiences… whether on the personal or professional level, but, most important, because each has a different order of birth among her brothers and sisters, which affects in a carving pattern her character!!!

As such, this novel, with its new and distinctive content, sheds an ambient light on the characteristics, traits, points of strength and weakness of people depending on their order of birth… based on the Science of the Human Rays as inducted by the Esoteric Sciences, and which is explained in details within the folds of the book.

The novel embarks upon educational, precisely life-ly knowledge, to sharpen the mind and make the heart more sensible through the individual qualities as per one’s order of birth (the Human Ray), by introducing the know-how techniques to work on the following nine traits: 1 – Order and Organization, 2 – Warm Compassion, 3 – Intelligence, 4 – Elegance in Expression and the Importance of Modesty, 5 – Confidence, 6 – Ambition and Responsibility, 7 – Active Will, 8 –Finesse and Perseverance in Work, 9 – Cohesion and Stability.

Through these nine traits, the novel delves through the human self to divulge the negative points of weakness in the human being, based on his Human Ray (or his order of birth), which impede and prevent him from achieving the intended development, happiness, physical health, and the true luxury of living. This forms part of the unprecedented and matchless knowledge of the Esoteric Sciences, let alone the art of transforming negativities into positive traits.

The book consists of nine main chapters, explaining the practical techniques to work on the aforementioned points, setting them as a road map and a way of conduct, based on becoming aware of the personal negative traits, understanding their causes and striving to remove them in practical application through daily life. This leads to the development of the self and the elimination of its impurities, to achieve inner peace, physical health, self-satisfaction and happiness that can neither be secured by money nor by privilege and power, thus eventually leads to self-realization.

What is the fate of Sama, Nagham and Wārd, and how will they discover their true characteristics within, and how will they abolish the residues of misconduct, wrongdoing and erroneous behavior, and what surprise awaits them? This is what the novel “SAMA-NAGHAM-WĀRD” addresses as a Social Psychological Study, delving into the veiled, as well as the observable conduct of the human being, yet in a stirring, simplified and transparent narrative that is appealing to every reader and cultured person.

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