When Body Nutrition Also Nurtures the Self

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-25-5

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 Many are the books written on nutrition, but none has dealt with the nutrition of the body and the self side by side, as in this book. It defines and explains the word “health” and the factors which go to help in its attainment, clarifying the extent of its connection with inhalation and exhalation. It also reveals the secrets of good health and the means whereby immunity and prevention of disease can be achieved. It points to the primary cause of disease, some methods of treatment, the role played by man’s awareness in both instances, and the importance of a balanced diet in the maintenance of good health.

Then it poses a question that others dared not ask: Is it possible to find a man free of disease? This, and other questions the book gives answers to. Here also are given comprehensive lists and information on the different kinds of food and their benefits, and explains the characteristics of the body, soul, mind and nature and their interaction in man’s life. All this is meant to light up the path to self-realization, upon which man grows to be his own physician in times of need, whereupon he becomes his own guide and succeeds in being master of his fate.

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