Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN 978-9953-405-40-9

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This is a long awaited book that added an exceptional 37th pitch to the spectrum of the Esoteric books’ chain written by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM). “KNOW LOVE” embodies a forward-thinking knowledge in 224 pages (medium size) and is published by Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut.

The book presents in a surpassing originality a methodology for an extensive and practical humane instruction in the depths of the corporeal self, disclosing what has never been revealed before… and shedding light on being conscious of the evident truth that time falls within the circle set by the compass of love between a man and a woman, as opposed to the illusion that love falls within the circle of time!!!

The Esoteric Science clarifies in the book that affection is the oasis of thought, but it is not love. Thought is the strength of affection’s lucidity, but is not love… Applying the strength of thought to the oasis of affection is love! Many have written on love and about love, and many have witnessed cases that are colours from the palette of love. But it seems that most of the writings and cases are a search for love or an exploration therein.

The common sense of truth implies that the level of love in one’s life is determined by his level of consciousness and the level of his inner transparency, which should not be confused with the illusion of idealism in the humane bond called love! For idealism in love is a severe inhibition that does not differentiate between the clarity and the perplexity of the inner state of the self. This is because such idealism focuses merely on what should be done towards the other in accordance with the etiquette and the moral code and behaviour, without considering the self’s needs for expression, learning and development.

It is required that love between a man and a woman be a serious and extensive methodology of humane instruction for the mundane self. Because indulging in studying love alone is nothing but an indulgement in the ego, in the corporeal in the human being. And the authentic humane love is somehow an advanced study at the level of the Higher Self (above the truth) to unveil the accessibility of its constituents to the lower self (the mundane self), the constituents in the everlasting Light, deep-seated in the silence of times, awaiting the lower self to become conscious of. “KNOW LOVE” is sui generis in that it portrays love as the nature of the mundane self in its communication with the humane Self, and elucidates the differentiation between the sexual practice (confined to the physical body) and the act of love (transcending to the Higher Self).

This brings to evidence that love is a state of consciousness and a truth of Light… whereby love and consciousness dissolve coherently. For consciousness is Light, and Light is the most supreme state in the universe. Fulfilling the interaction of love in the self is consciousness, while fulfilling the unified interaction with the Higher Self means the emancipation of the inner Light… And among these two dwell the suffering in love and the conflicts of the self between sexual practices and the acts of love! On the other hand, Light-consciousness-love, constitute the triad of life that summarizes the path of mundane and humane consciousness in its entirety.

Through such journey of consciousness, beauty emerges in a woman overflowing with femininity and toddling with love… and beauty emerges in a man oozing with masculinity and labouring a presence in his love! It is true that he who keeps a distance from love or insults the affection of love with disingenuous sexual practices and cheap relations, would be insulting the humane consciousness within! The interactions of true love in the mundane self are realised as corporeal pleasure at one level… as tenderness at another… and as a connectivity of thought at a higher level. Freedom is the core of love… marriage its body. Between the two lies a path clouded by the conflicts of pain and suffering, the conflicts of the mundane and the humane, consciousness and unconsciousness!

The strongest longing for love is in the Soul and so is the most arduous pain when humane Love is absent! Therefore sex is not love! Sex is neither the essence of love nor its pulse, when considering the interconnection that starts with the human being to reach the Creator, activating the pulse of humane Love among the creatures of Light in existence. It is love that unifies the self with the beings, enabling the self to sense the pulse of humane Love.

“KNOW LOVE” presents love as a supreme humane state distant from fallacious sophistries and misleading theorisation, founded on the struggle of man in his actuality, tormented with the attractions of what he believes to be love while he endures pain as a result of failure in realising love in his life. “KNOW LOVE” demystifies love as an advanced state of humane consciousness, as well as a subtle technique that enables one to ascend in its experience.

“KNOW LOVE” is a delight for longing readers and a guide for a lonely and undetermined self… it is the march of an industrious seeker aspiring for attainment… conscious of the challenges and undertaking to surpass the difficulties of life in the crust of consciousness that expands and grows in thought and feelings as love revives and transcends.

“KNOW LOVE” leaves the reader with a knowing that there is a path of will that transcends from the chaos of clamour, anger and struggle to the realms of peace, security and Light, towards the aim of existence.

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