Lectures on the Esoteric – Part V

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN: 978-9953-405-58-2


“Lectures on the Esoteric – Part V” is the title of the 45th book (in Arabic) within the expanding Esoteric Serie written by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM). The book contains 128 pages of medium size and is published by Society of Friends of the White Knowledge, Beirut.
It is the fifth part in the intriguing gamut of the “Lectures on the Esoteric”, in which the sciences of the inner man continue to impart unprecedented knowledge. It is distinguished, not only by the variety, novelty and depth of its subjects, but also by the unveiling of mysteries… revelation of which has become due, for the sole purpose of facilitating the realization of his life, its course and all the mystery that shrouds it, let alone that the contents bring the reader closer and closer to an in-depth understanding of himself. For the aim of the Esoteric Sciences is to present knowledge in an inquisitive methodology and practical approach that assist every man in developing his own life, by broadening his perceptions and lifting his consciousness to a comprehensive level, in every sense of its meaning and dimensions.

The expansion and elevating of consciousness, as mentioned in the book, “cannot be achieved without one becoming conscious of the components constituting his being, and of the purpose of his existence on earth – irrespective of his objectives in life.”
The aim of man’s existence is “consciousness, so is the aim of the existence of all things, from the atom as the smallest iota of existence, to the planet as the largest entity, is to discover and benefit from knowledge. All knowledge is latent within man; to gradually discover it over ages and life cycles. We may thus liken the conscious man but a sailor navigating through havens of consciousness, in order to attain self-realization and fathom the aim of his existence!”
The sundry subjects of “Lectures on the Esoteric – Part V” are mental journeys that carry one’s thought to the outreaches of the universe and existence, and at the same time lead him into the innermost depths of his being… revealing that connection between the part and the whole, between man and the universe, between the creature and the Creator, between the outer and the inner, between reality and truth, and eventually between woman and man and their union in conscious love.
The book takes us on a cosmic journey among the manifestations of light – sheer light, radiant light and photonic light. It also reveals the concepts of cosmic politics and its correlation with earthly politics, clarifying the distinction between earthly justice and divine righteousness. The book simplifies these concepts and others in an applied and practical methodology, starting from the core of earthly life and expanding towards the metaphysical dimensions. It spans from man as a part (in his material and immaterial dimensions) towards humanity as a whole, and delves deep in scrutinizing the human psyche and the prerequisites of its evolution.
It is known that “mundane logic is taught, however inner-esoteric logic or supreme logic is inculcated…” Its basis is experimentation, its laboratory is man himself, and its outcome is the consciousness ensuing from insightful experience and experimentation. This is the essence of the Esoteric teachings and the starting point of its research, proceeding from the axis, the innermost core of man, towards all that exists… This is expressed in particular when  “Lectures on the Esoteric – Part V” addresses scientific subjects, analyzing them with supreme logic, unveiling the secrets of the esoteric human dimensions latent in alchemy and the secrets of black and white holes in space, and their function. This begs the question: “Isn’t it rational that man starts first by exploring the constitution of his being and deepening his knowledge of the Self, leading to the discovery of the ‘black and white holes’ within his inner sheaths of consciousness?! For man is the focal point of everything… and what is within him is reflected without; and as on earth so shall be in space!”
“Lectures on the Esoteric – Part V” is a fascinating book that lays down the foundations and systems of life, which elevate one’s consciousness and way of life to the acme of the New Age – the Aquarian Age of light and knowledge, spotlighting on the future human relationships, especially that of love which unites both sexes, emphasising also on the importance of marriage in its elevating role on their evolutionary path, and the importance of perfecting the esoteric principles in raising children, by becoming conscious of the stage of childhood in its outer and inner aspects.
“Lectures on the Esoteric – Part V” is a futuristic comprehensive book that combines earthly and heavenly sciences, in an eloquence, simplicity and fluency relating to the innermost part of our being. In style, it is a simplified and smooth book worthy of reading!