A Journey among the Tribes of Negativities…

Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)

ISBN: 978-9953-405-56-8

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“A Journey among the Tribes of Negativities…” is the (ARABIC) title of the 43rd publication within the ARABIC series of the Esoteric Sciences (the sciences of the inner man), composed by Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM). It comprises 96 medium-sized pages and is published by the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge in Beirut.

The book beholds the human being, overwhelmed by a mysterious depth, awestruck by such great existence and superior creation… yet, realizing how distant is he from understanding his truth… For what we know about this great being does not exceed ten percent of his whole truth at the highest estimate – in accordance with the current maximum percentage of active brain cells as per the scientific statistics – that which corresponds to our current ability of perception, and which conforms with the percentage of the sun’s heat on earth!

Perhaps, the most important in this exciting, revealing and unique book is that it undertakes an unprecedented subject, the imperfections of the psyche, or the negative qualities of the mundane self within, which does not manoeuvre outside the range of perception, but it contributes to one’s eclipse!

 “A Journey among the Tribes of Negativities…” sheds sufficient light on what eludes one’s awareness whilst it is dormant within the core of his psyche, acting through him consciously at times, and unconsciously at other times. One may have distressful feelings of remorse for his actions, or may overlook and circumvent the results thereof, and in which resides the danger of remorselessness and indifference, or wiliness… causing amassing hardships and suffering in one’s way of life, yet without knowing the reasons lurking behind… This is what instigates the thinker to ask: “Is suffering (if necessary) a natural or essential process for polishing the human essence to become brighter and shinier?!”

 It is “A Journey among the Tribes of Negativities…” that are latent in the lower aspect of the mundane self, sometimes beyond the outlook of awareness. How can we detect those negativities? How can we verify their existence and work on eliminating them, or rather replacing them with positivities?!

 The book narrates a real life story with two facets: the practical workaday life, and the intuitional intimations; two facets that are different and distant from each other, each operating disjointedly, each unaware and unconcerned about the other, disregarding the fact that the aim is to bring them both closer together, for the goal is to eliminate the contradictions between them, if the person concerned is seriously seeking to straighten out his behaviour and avoid worries, troubles, and the vicissitudes of time – not to say the anxiety from the future.

 In simple terms, the book illustrates with precise details an honest confrontation between the mundane self (lower self) and the humane Self (higher Self), exemplifying it in elucidative life scenarios and practical situations. Thus, the reader would find himself in front of a mirror, reflecting what is comparable with and applicable to his own self. He would identify situations that are directly relevant to his daily workaday life and adopts them as a guideline, to elevate the standard of his life, career and activities to higher levels, in accordance therewith. This would widen his perspectives and stretch the breadth of his perceptions to a wider thinking horizon… so that he eventually may become confident of the fact that the Esoteric Science is a refined, conscientious and splendid way of life to be emulated.

The aim of the Esoteric Science is to gradually fathom the hidden knowledge in man’s life – the knowledge which is too vast to be measured – however, it is always overshadowed by workaday practical awareness, that  may lead to consciousness within.

It is only consciousness (proceeding awareness) that can perceive the contents of the subconscious in normal states, the book explains, and adds in an eloquent parlance inspired by arts, and adorned with visual expressions and poetic beauty, explains a principle consisting of four pillars with interconnected roles, unknown technically, yet familiar by the appellations: Meditation, Concentration, Contemplation and Application (practical application instilling the results within).

Along this manner, we listen to the Master elucidating these techniques fluently and smoothly, as follows:

“Learn the art of Meditation from a lovelorn lover awaiting the eternal meeting with his beloved, holding her image in the back of his mind and imagination, dominating his existence herewith, and without the least concentration or effort from his behalf, as his yearning for her is beyond the scope of his thinking, concentration and sensual awareness.

Learn the art of Concentration from a skilled craftsman who endeavours to devise from few elements in hand, the most precise artefact, or a splendid chef d’oeuvre. For, visualizing the objective conceived deep in his mind, is what sharpens and intensifies his concentration.

Learn the art of Contemplation from a brilliant musician, who is inspired with musical tunes by the sounds of the planets and stars, then he contemplates on the dimensions of the tunes, on their meaning, and on what is concealed between one note and another, between a star and a planet.

And learn the art of (practical) Application from an ant carrying a straw on its back, marching a long distance to its hole, to shelter its brood throughout the winter season. For the perseverance in its work is the most sublime example that man can aspire for in applying what he learns. That is the pinnacle of consciousness in knowledge.”

This is how a person unfolds onto his subconscious and finds that a connection was established between his outer waking consciousness and his subconscious, or inner consciousness. His responsibility is to fortify that connection on the light of the acquired practical wisdom. For wisdom is acquisition, and acquisition is the reality of application… noting that the truth respites not, nor makes compromises or considers easily, otherwise it would not be the truth.

From here, if one sees his negativities with a factual open eye, the negativities automatically weaken and wither against the light of consciousness. For ignorance is inner darkness, and darkness is the only nourishment for the negative qualities, as well as the shelter of every misbehaviour.

This book is humane by nature, and transcendent in its goal; it addresses one’s life in a practical, motivational and enlightening manner.

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