The Esoteric Versus Parapsychology

Parapsychology and the Esoteric are not related to each other as is sometimes held. They may have certain common grounds, but in many respects they are quite different.
Parapsychology is only an attempt on the part of some psychologists to go beyond the self of man, to shed light on the mysterious unknown powers within.
Parapsychology is a lop-sided science; it concerns itself with only a part of the humane dimension and does not even cover that part fully. It does not know yet how the psychic powers function in man. It merely acknowledges their manifestation.
The Esoteric Science is a comprehensive science; it starts from the humane dimension (after covering the physical) and proceeds toward the spiritual. Evolution in consciousness is the aim of the Esoteric man who is constantly seeking a more developed life.
The thoughtful human being will easily distinguish the differences between the Esoteric and parapsychology even before he experiences the “Esoteric Path”.

Benefits Of The Esoteric’s Practical Application

The Esoteric Science is not general information; it is not a theoretical philosophy that may be read or studied then discarded at will. It is a way of life that leads the aspirant towards full awareness and development, towards higher intelligence and the discovery of the mental dimensions… in addition to the unlocking of inner powers.
Practical application of knowledge will serve to develop the consciousness of the student. This means opening up to the new expanding consciousness and exercising the intellect to analyse, discriminate and draw conclusions. It will awaken and exercise man’s inner faculties and make him work in an organized and disciplined way which is time-saving. These and other benefits are to be discovered by the student who adopts the “Esoteric Path” in practical living.

The Esoteric Method

“The best and the most important science of all is that which can be applied practically, and which, through this practical application, will lead man to development. There is no use for any science or philosophy which is based only on theories, and does not, through application, further the inner development of man”. This is an old saying attributed to one of the sages of old. It sums up the Esoteric method which is based on practical application or, precisely, is the practical application of the principles and the knowledge that lead man to self development and expansion of consciousness.
Although the Esoteric method is based on general Laws and principles, it is optional and not restricted or narrowly defined. The individual can draw the plan he wants and follow the method he chooses. The only requirement is that he adheres to the basic principles and laws of the Esoteric Path. These can be summed up in three words:
If we are to analyze or rather dissect these three principles, we shall discover that they branch out and are integrated to encompass everything in human life. Through them man is perfected, or becomes whole.
In as much as he applies these teachings, his consciousness will unfold and expand. The Esoteric method is a practical and applicable way of life (modus operandi); it is wholesome and complete.

The Esoteric Objective

Based on the previous chapters, we can detect that the Esoteric Science’s supreme aim is none other than the enlightenment and the development of man. Its motivating force is the love of man for his fellow-men; its purpose is carrying out the Divine Plan. When Earth will have completed its mission, man who has not reached to the wholeness of consciousness will be transferred to a new planet to receive intensive instructions in self-knowledge. The manner of that future instruction will be different. It will be strict… as man will not have the freedom of choice (free will) he has here and now! The study of the Esoteric Science will thus be obligatory; and because he misused his free will, no wonder if his life will be fraught with pain and suffering.
The aim of the Esoteric Science is, again and again, conducting man to self-consciousness, which is the real knowledge of the Truth of everything.
Obviously, this is why the Esoteric Science has persevered and continued to develop and to spread. It has permeated every field and sector from the atom as the smallest entity, to the cosmos as the largest… and will continue to spread until man attains the full knowledge of the self. (self-realization)
Then, and only then, the Esoteric Science will have served its purpose and fulfilled its mission — Consciousness in Evolution and Evolution in Consciousness!